Hawaiian Coffee Notes To Rock Your Day

Hawaiian Coffee Notes To Rock Your Day


Medium, our lightest roast, is taken out of the roaster within two minutes of first crack, at a temperature of 180-185 deg.C. The beans are matte brown. The medium roast retains much of the local nuance of our orchard on the North end of the Kona Coffee heritage region, and is the most unique of our coffees. Acidity is relatively high, and bitterness is low. The flavor carries notes of citrus and berries with a hint of chocolate. Caffeine content is high.


Full City Roast is between Medium and Dark. It is usually removed from the roaster at three to four minutes after first crack, at 185-190 deg C. The beans are a rich dark brown in color. Full City retains some local nuance, but Intense dark chocolate notes predominate, with a hint of citrus. Caffeine content is moderate. Has less acidity and slightly more bitterness than Medium.


Dark Roast is taken all the way to second crack, at temperatures above 190 deg C. The beans are very dark brown, almost black, and may have a sheen of oils that migrate to the surface. Acidity is low, and bitterness is high. Local nuance is limited. Taste is similar to Italian espresso, with notes of very dark chocolate. Caffeine content is the lowest of our roasts. ”Deniz.

Jimmy Cohrssen

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