Having stopped cars, can people see the traffic police’s thematic test?

Social network 4.0 develops, people can look up information quickly, but many people cannot view all of it, or listen to online instructions that lead to understanding the law is not exhaustive such as whether or not to see the transition. when stopped.

Accordingly, this issue caused a climax when a driver driving a car in Lang Son did not have enough necessary documents in circulation, refused to blow the alcohol concentration when there were signs of alcohol use, on the contrary, the livestream played. online the fact that I had stopped my car, requested a seminar and used bad words with the functional forces that caused public frustration.

In fact, the requirement to see the topic is not uncommon, stemming from incomplete videos spread on social networks, causing many people to follow, requiring full documents and documents to work. Even breaking down every word, if not, it will take out the phone to film, record, livestream the pressuring event, and be considered as a mantra when being stopped.

However, at Point d, Clause 1, Article 5 of the latest Circular 67/2019 / TT-BCA in the work of ensuring traffic order and safety the day before the subject matter, there are regulations on Publicized contents of the People’s Public Security Forces in the work of ensuring traffic order and safety include: “Plan for general traffic control, plan for patrol, control, handling violations according to thematic traffic, plan for patrol, control and handle violations regularly, including specific contents. can be as follows: Name of unit; route; types of vehicles and other violations to control and handle; execution time … ” It is compulsory to publicize, but according to Article 6 of Circular 67, the forms of publicity through 5 channels, namely:

  1. Posted on the portal; Website of the police agency.
  2. Up a post.
  3. Listed at the headquarters of the police.
  4. Publicity on the mass media.
  5. Through citizen reception; Press Conference; Press Release; Activities of spokespersons in the People’s Public Security Forces comply with law.


Thus, there will be no live viewing of the topic when the competent force is handling the violation, and based on Article 16 of Circular 65/2020 / TT-BCA, the traffic police still have the right to stop. Although there is no error in the following 3 cases:

  1. To comply with the orders and plans for general control of road traffic means, plans for patrol, control and handling of violations according to the subjects approved by competent authorities.
  2. There is a written request from the head and deputy head of the investigation agency; written request of the relevant authorities for stopping the vehicle for control in service of security and order, crime prevention and other illegal acts. The written request must specify the time, route and means of traffic stopping for control and handling, and the forces involved in coordination.
  3. Having reports, feedbacks, recommendations and denunciations of organizations and individuals about law-breaking acts of people and vehicles participating in land road traffic.

It can be seen that based on circulars and decrees according to regulations, it is impossible to ask the authorities to display the subject matter, instead the person who stops the vehicle can learn and see the This subject is through the official press portal or can be viewed directly at the police office where the incident is received.


In case of dissatisfaction, the offender still has the right to supervise the traffic police working by different means such as using audio and video recording equipment. However, the conditions specified in Clause 5, Article 11 of Circular 67/2019 must be met, specifically:

  1. Not affecting the normal activities of officers and soldiers while on duty.
  2. Outside the area to ensure traffic order and safety (for the area where traffic order and safety is deployed).
  3. Compliance with other relevant laws.

If there are acts of opposition, failure to cooperate or obstruct the public service executor, they will be fined from 4 to 6 million VND for individuals or 8 to 12 million VND for organizing the implementation of these acts based on about 9 Article 11 of Decree 100.


Finally, carefully study the current decrees and regulations, avoid listening to incomplete information on social networking sites, fully cooperate with authorities to avoid accidentally becoming human. wrongdoing unjustifiably leading to an undue punishment. At the same time, it is not too surprising that recently the media and the press regularly published information such as “high performance to sanction violations”, “deployment of alcohol concentration testing”, “high deployment Traffic safety assurance point ”,… because this is one of the 5 most popular channels for traffic inspection and handling.


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