Haven is slowly sliding to Playstation 4, Switch and the Epic Games Store

Released in December 2020, Haven will have been one of the last rpg of the past year. Until then reserved for the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC via Steam, here it is finally announcing its arrival on the remaining platforms. Namely Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and on PC via the Epic Games Store. It should also be noted that purchasing the PS4 version gives free access to the PS5 version, and vice versa. The opportunity for everyone to enjoy this made-in France title.

True creative turn of the studio The Game Bakers, Haven is far from the nervousness of the previous title of the studio from Montpellier. The title instead offers to experience romance in a science fiction setting. The story of the couple consisting of Yu and Kae, finding themselves alone on an uninhabited planet. Thus, the slices of life as a couple and the exploration of this wild world punctuate a game with a most soothing atmosphere. An Atmosphere reinforced by a superb artistic direction, accompanied by perfectly adapted music.

However, this framework, between science fiction and dreamlike, does not prevent the game from showing surprising realism in the relationship that its two protagonists live on a daily basis. Moreover, it is quite possible to explore the title together via local cooperation, allowing those who wish to experience the adventure as a couple. A great idea from The Game Bakers.

Haven is not, however, free from flaws. A fairly repetitive game pattern and an invasive presence of loading times will add weight to its light weight. Similarly, depending on the sensitivity of each, the relationship between Yu and Kae will not necessarily be appreciated as much.

Nevertheless, Haven remains a work that deserves to be discovered, just for the risk-taking of its creators. And we hope that its arrival on Playstation 4, Switch and PC on the Epic Games Store on February 3, 2021 will give it a second wind.


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