Have you ever seen a person who has bruised facial features, but is beautifully stunning?

Have you ever seen a person who has bruised facial features, but is beautifully stunning?

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TOP1: Wan Qian

Wan Qian’s nose and roots are low, there is more blank space between the eyebrows and eyes, and the distance between her eyes is wider. However, Wan Qiansheng’s temperament gives people a sense of calmness and indifference. This kind of literary style makes her not only very beautiful, And also very popular with the audience

TOP2: Zhang Yuxi

Have you watched the “Liu Li” that was on the fire recently? Qing brother was only tortured and cried when he watched it. I hope that the following plots will not be too abused.The hot-tempered eldest lady Linglong, the actor Zhang Yuxi, is really nothing to say, but every time I look at her lens, the filter is a bit too heavy, I don’t know if you have found a duck.

Zhang Yuxi’s facial features are a bit mixed, and the distance between the eyebrows and eyes is very close, but recently discovered that Zhang Yuxi has a defect, that is, her forehead is relatively convex, but fortunately her forehead is of the right size, the hairline is not awkward, and the eyebrows are beautiful. It can also catch the audience’s sight instantly, so it’s still beautiful

TOP3: IU Lee Ji-eun

South Korean idol Lee Ji-eun, the obvious facial flaws are also low mountain roots, and it is very low, and the chin is relatively short, but because of this, the girl feels stronger.Although the side is not full, but the front is a proper beauty

Picture source network, invade must be deleted

TOP4: Gold high silver

Jin Gao Yin has many shortcomings, single eyelid swelling, eye blisters, low mountain roots, but it is better than the soft and smooth contour of the face. It is a typical oval face. With the blessing of makeup technology, the temperament is recognizable, and it is a young girl face full of vitality.

In addition, her facial expression management is also quite good, with a beautiful and confident smile on her face all the time, and it makes people love it when she looks at it.

TOP5: Tang Yan

Tang Yan is a typical big forehead, with her hairline behind her, but covering her big forehead is still a stunning beauty

Although the child is in a bad state and haggard after giving birth, he is still very beautiful. Brother Qing thinks that her most amazing role is Zi Yan, do you agree?

TOP6: Shu Qi

Shu Qi is a typical Chinese face with a big face and strong bones. When the shape is wrong, the value of the face will be difficult to say, but when the shape is right, it will be beautiful. Shu Qi’s beauty was not seen when she was a child, but when she grows up, she feels more and more beautiful. She has a self-confidence and sexy temperament.

(Feel her national face, big forehead)

The side-divided bangs modifies the defects of the face shape, and I especially like her lazy and confident feeling

TOP8: Liu Tao

Liu Tao’s cheekbones are very high, and Asians like soft lines, so Liu Tao’s high cheekbones are often defiled. But it was also a blessing in disguise, Liu Tao’s diamond face made her very advanced, and her aura was also very powerful.

TOP9: Yao Chen

Yao Chen’s really wasn’t a beauty at first sight. He had big eyes and a big nose, especially a big mouth. He could see his gums when he smiled, and he also had an older look. However, she has become more and more beautiful in the past two years, and she is more and more resistant to aging. She plays Su Mingyu, whose aura and beauty are online at the same time, and the mature Yujie style is really suitable for her. Therefore, she has also given us some enlightenment, don’t always dislike your mature appearance, maybe after 30 years old, you will look very resistant to old age, classmates all envy you that you haven’t changed ^_^

TOP10: Yang Mi

Yang Mi’s shortcomings should not be a secret, too high hairline, as well as “pig nose” that was “smash hit”, and Yang Mi’s mouth had a thicker upper lip than a lower lip and a shorter chin.Although flawed, Yang Mi has good-looking eyes. Blinking and blinking is very aura. With the blessing of makeup, it magnifies the advantages of the face and focuses his eyes on the good-looking eyebrows. It is still a proper beauty.

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In fact, most people are imperfect. As long as we learn to use our strengths and avoid weaknesses to transform ourselves, we can also be beautiful. Another point is very important: confident women are the most beautiful!


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