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Have you ever broken your phone screen? How much is the repair cost the most?

Like the title, have you broken your phone screen? And what is the most cost you have ever spent on repairing your phone? It is not natural that I pull this topic out to invite you to share. The story is a few days ago, a "young" mod friend has accidentally cracked the glass of the Galaxy S10 that cuhiep used to buy through Tiki. This machine has warranty of breakage, so it is reduced 50% of repair cost + components, quoted about 2tr when calling to switchboard. (original price is about 4tr something). Because I called for a few days, my old brother did not remember the exact price ), but roughly reduced by 50%, not all. Only the insurance package that pays for it will be covered, while Samsung's insurance package for the S10 series owner will be available for free when purchasing the device, it will be charged 50%.

Note: In this case, the machine only uses external glass. The same is the screen tank as we call it, but it should be differentiated that there is a case of just breaking the outer protective glass and the more serious case is the screen tank, which flows the screen type. (with this S10, the price of external glass squeezing is about 2tr, so it is generally a genuine carrier instead of the same price but the whole screen). Waiting for young people to overcome the consequences will share more specifically for you.

For myself, there is only one fool, leaving the iPhone in the sink, watching videos and "screwing". Result: flattened, cracked glass. :)). But I didn't fix it but continued using it until I changed my phone :)). open What about you?

The scene of pitiful accident:

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