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Have you changed the Lotus Wallet and SEN Apple Watch leather strap?

Less than 1 minute that deal was flying clean, including 5 3-and-5-SEN Lotus Wallet for Apple Watch. Thank you for your support, we will have "flash sale" like this for our brothers to have fun together. Now, let's take advantage of the points by sharing posts, comments, or how to get more likes is a point. See details about the program Earn points to redeem Tinhte Reward Store here.

For those who want to use Khac Ten but have not exchanged the above 5 gifts: On Tinhte Rewards, there are many 10%, 20% and 30% discount vouchers of Khac Ten, you can use them to exchange and buy things Khacten.com website or go directly to Khac Ten store in Ho Chi Minh City / Hanoi.

PS: The deal is over now but some of you click on the buy button, the message "You have no rights …" is displayed. Actually this is a typo, you can still buy normally, only the deal is over. We fixed that notice to "This deal is no longer available to buy". There is also a display error and 1 deal while actually running out of stock, this has also been fixed.

Happy brothers.

Duy Luân

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