Have you been bitten by a tick? Take part in the research!
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Have you been bitten by a tick? Take part in the research!

Each year in Europe, 90,000 people contract Lyme disease. This tick-borne infection is due to bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi. But it is possible that other microbes, known or unknown, are transmitted during the bite.

If true, this hypothesis could explain why some patients, treated with antibiotics for Lyme disease, still show symptoms more than six months later.

To find out more, INRA (National Institute of Agronomy), Institut Pasteur and four CHUs (Besançon, Garches, Paris-Saint Antoine and Saint-Etienne) are launching the Ohticks research project. This study is funded by the National Research Agency.

The team of scientists is looking for volunteers. To participate, you must:

– Being older than 18.
– report your bite and send your biting tick (or photo) even before symptoms appear on the site ortick report app.
– then have unexplained symptoms within six months of this bite.
– be able to move regularly in one of the four teaching hospitals.

More information on the dedicated site: www.ohticks.fr/recrutement

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