Has Hack Free Fire been locked?

Has Hack Free Fire been locked?

Will Hack Free Fire be locked with nick, this question surely many gamers will ask themselves before learning about hacking free fire or using other cheat software while playing Free Fire.

Currently there are many types of hacks in Free Fire that players often use and it brings many high achievements in the game. So what are these types of hacks and what are they better than normal players? And if hacking, is there a Free fire account locked, let’s find out under this article.

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Types of hacks in Free Fire

Hack through the Free Fire wall

Hack through the Free Fire wall

Also known as hack wall, the user of this type of hack can see through walls and know other gamers hiding behind walls, indoors, behind buildings … At this time, other players will become shooting target for those who use this hack. If more advanced, wall hack can become hacked through the map.

Hack through the wall

hack free web hack

This type of hacking allows hacked objects to walk through any obstacle, but is often used to pass through walls.

Hack speed of Free Fire

Speed ​​hacks do not deal direct damage to other players, but they give users the advantage of accessing weapons much faster than normal players.

hack speed free fire

Moreover, having a faster speed than others will cause enemies to run away and run faster than other players. This makes it easy for these players to complete their match.

Groundbreaking Hack Free Fire

hack don tho free fire

This type of hack is quite common in Free Fire, getting underground like this can help players cheat to observe the enemy in a very wide range and can attack them. The victims will eat enough damage without knowing where they come from.

Hack auto headshot Free Fire

hack auto headshot free fire

Also known as auto-firing hack. If in the past gamers needed to have very precise aiming skills, then with the hack auto headshot tool, the headshot of gamers would become as easy as eating candy when the player just had to tap the firing icon to finish.

Hack damage Free Fire

hack damage free fire

Hack damage is also a form of hack as annoying as brothel hack. This type of hack can eliminate the damage of weapon systems.

There are also other types of “gentle hacking” such as removing trees, removing grass, fog, no recoil when shooting … They are considered mods in the game and also help players cheating has advantages over those normal players.

Has Hack Free Fire been locked?

hack free fire locked nick

The answer is yes, the permanent lock is different. If the fraud subjects played the “72 transformation” magic generously, they will be noticed and can fly forever. Not only ban accounts that use hacking but players who use tools to interfere with the game system will also be banned permanently.

While hacking tools can get you high results in the game, it will make the players’ shooting skills and tactics increasingly worse. Not to mention that being permanently banned will make every effort to “build” the account from the hack will succeed.


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