Harvard University developed a camera that helps us look like shrimp - Photo 1.

Harvard University developed a camera that helps us 'look like shrimp'

Shrimp along with insects can see the world in a different way than humans, thanks to polarized light. To 'look like shrimp', we will have to use polarized cameras, which are often very expensive and too big for normal use. Recently, Harvard scientists have created a polarizing camera, but very small and handy.

Look at the naked eye and through the polarizing camera

According to an author of this scientific work, Paul Chevalier has polarized images with many applications:

"Polarized light will change depending on the surface it reflects. Thanks to this change, we can know the depth, texture and shape of objects, thereby distinguishing things. artificial with natural things even though they are very similar when viewed with the naked eye. "

Movie test shots from 'shrimp eye' camera

Unlike previous large polarizing machines, the John A. Paulson (SEAS) Harvard Institute of Applied Science and Engineering Institute is just as small as a thumb. If you include the lens and outer box, the whole product is as small as a lunch box. Scientists say this system is simple enough to be applied to small devices, such as a smartphone.

External design of the machine

The most useful application of this camcorder is probably to increase the ability to identify scenes of self-driving cars. It can also help aircraft or satellites detect 'stealth' airplanes in the sky, identify other artificial devices and distinguish them from things of nature. Simply put, scientists believe that this study will be a big step in applying polarizing images to life.

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