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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has given free download, support Vietnam map

Finally, Vietnam has also been on the list of countries that Niantic supports when opening the door of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Please download the game here: iOS / Android.

Introduced by Niantic in 2017, when Pokemon GO is still very hot in the world gamer community, Wizards Unite is like a game for brothers to play witches with a very simple task, protecting the secret of The magic world in the eyes of the "Muggle" guys, the phrase in the famous series of novels only mortals have no magical abilities. Now the game is open, supporting Vietnam map, as you can see in the screenshot below. "Alley" becomes a virtual shopping store with real money, and you have the institution of miracle drugs to support your own journey:

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Instead of the screen of handball throwing Pokeball to catch Pokemon, you will have to find items to make medicine and useful items, or open the magic gate to look at familiar places in the series. Harry Potter, something that ordinary people can't see, like Olivander's wand shop, for example. Sometimes you will have to fight Death Eater, Azkaban, or save other characters in the game.

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In the game, the brothers will choose three careers, Auror (the god of light), Magizoologist (the study of magic beasts) and the Professor. Each job has its own skill tree to upgrade, turning Unite Wizards into more depth than Pokemon GO. Events like raids in Pokemon GO are turned into Fortress, when many players can gather to fight Death Eaters and Dementor.


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