Harry and his wife join Netflix series Director of Netflix: who is not interested? -United Daily

The Harry couple, who was forced to take down the royal nobility status by the British royal family because they retreated behind the scenes, now have unlimited business opportunities. The well-known online video streaming platform Netflix has great interest in allowing the Harry couples to participate in the filming of the album.

British media reported that Meghan, who played Rachel in the album “Suits”, had negotiated with Disney before Harry announced his retirement from the royal family and signed a contract to serve as the next one. The character dubbing of an unreleased movie.

However, at that time, due to royal regulations, members could not engage in purely commercial cooperation, so the film rewards were donated to one of the animal projects in Sussexes.

Regarding the Harry couple’s return to “freedom,” Charlendos, Neflix’s content director, said, “Who wouldn’t be interested in someone like Harry and Meghan’s encounter and identity?”

He even said that if the Harry couple can participate in the filming of “The Crown”, they can directly provide the inside story of the royal family for this online streaming platform with 158 million paid members, and even help correct the crew to the queen. The various possible description errors of Elizabeth II can be said to be business opportunities both inside and outside the play.


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