Happy New Year shopping with millions of incentives from Lazada

Happy New Year shopping with millions of incentives from Lazada

(Techz.vn) Lazada shopping festival “New Year 21, Closing Single” takes place for 10 days from 19 – 28/01/2021 to give consumers the opportunity to shop with a series of discounts up to 50 % in this Tet holiday. Customers can collect millions of free shipping codes and attractive discount codes on the website and Lazada application.

“New Year 21, Pegging Single” is part of Lazada’s chain of Shopping Festivals to bring shopping joy, peace of mind to consumers, towards a smooth, lucky and much successful 2021.

Notable activities in the shopping festival “Tet 21, Chop Don”:

  1. “New Year 21, Take Single” with a series of attractive incentives:

  • More than 8 million offers on the whole floor decreased by 50% ++ with tens of millions of discount codes.
  • Tens of thousands of genuine brands and vendors participate in the “21-year-old New Year” shopping festival with exclusive offers only available on Lazada.
  • Free shipping for orders from 30,000 VND nationwide.

Coupon codes in the golden hours 0h, 9am, 12pm, 16h, 20h

  • In particular, the discount code of 888,000 VND for orders from 6 million VND will be opened at 12 noon every day.
  • During 10 days from January 19 – 28:
  • A discount code of 500,000 VND for orders from 4 million VND in the time frame of 0 – 2 hours
  • A discount code of 400,000 VND for orders from 5 million VND in two frames of 0 and 12 o’clock.
  • The discount code is 88,000 VND for orders from 600,000 VND in the time frames 8 am, 12 am, 16 pm, and 20 pm.
  • And thousands of other discount codes are released every day that customers can collect in advance from 15/01 – 28/01: 400,000 VND for orders from 5 million VND; 300,000 VND for an order from 3 million VND; 150,000 VND for orders from 1.2 million VND; 90,000 VND for orders from 800,000 VND; 40,000 VND for orders from 400,000 VND.


Super sale with branded goods 0am – 2pm on January 19:

  • In the first 2 hours of January 19, Lazada cooperated with the most popular genuine brands on LazMall – Lazada’s genuine booth system to bring super deals to brands with discounts up to 50% and free ship.
  • In particular, customers can “hunt” for exclusive offers only available in Lazada’s “New Year 21, Closing Single” from partner brands such as Apple, Kiehl’s, Friso, Unilever, Gumac and Lock & Lock …


Super Deal in a flash is only available in the Tet market:

Customers have the opportunity to hunt for thousands of products at the price of “picking buds in early spring” from only 8,000 VND in special time frames such as 0am, 2pm, 9am, 12pm, 20pm on January 19 and many flash deals during the ceremony Shopping festival from January 20-28.


Shopping combined with entertainment

  • Lazada Super Show Tet: As part of a series of big online activities that take place continuously for 48 hours from 0:00 on January 18 to 23:59 on January 19, the online concert Lazada Super Show Tet took place in 2 days at 19h on 18/01 and 19h on 19/01 with the participation of the leading Vietnamese showbiz names. Lazada Super Show Tet is not only an opportunity for audiences to enjoy music, exchange and chat with artists, but also a place for shoppers to close the hottest deals at the end of the year to “get” the whole Tet. go home.

  • Super Hoi slash prices with exclusive discounts up to 99%: From January 18 to 24, customers can immediately hunt for Tet gifts and many quality Tet items with the cheapest price and only when viewing. livestream Super Assembly slash prices on Lazada application. Millions of products priced at 8,000 VND and 88,000 VND and genuine products with discounts of up to 99% will be released only in livestream.

Play the redemption game easier than ever on Lazada:

Game FUN Match – A version of Candy Crush right on Lazada application will bring the most enjoyable experience to customers. Through the game, customers can receive free shipping codes worth 20,000 VND and discount codes up to 200,000 VND.


Log in to Lazada application every day to receive more Tet gifts:

  • Receive 8 LazCoin coins when logging in to the Lazada app everyday.
  • Log in for 3 consecutive days to have the opportunity to receive more discount codes of 88,000 VND and 188,000 VND from sponsored sellers.
  • Log in for 5 consecutive days with the opportunity to receive an additional discount code of VND 50,000 for orders from VND 99,000 applied across the floor.
  • From now on, the more LazCoin coin customers collect, the more discount codes from 20,000 VND to 200,000 VND will be automatically applied when paying the order.

Secrets of effective Tet sale hunting on Lazada

  • At 2 golden hours, 8:00 am and 8:00 pm every day on Lazada to collect a lucky discount code worth 888,000 VND, buy 1 get 2 and unlimited freeship.


  • Take advantage of Lazada’s many free shipping policies to shop during this Tet holiday: identify priority products for free shipping with Freeship logo, collect free shipping codes “Freeship” or “Freeship Max “In the” Coupon Code “section.


  • Combining 4 types of discount codes for 1 order for the most economical shopping, including: free shipping code, discount code from Lazada, discount code from vendor and discount code sponsored by the bank and electronic wallet partner.


Collect coins on Lazada to get more deals with the following ways:

  • Log in to the Lazada app every day.
  • Complete secret missions to receive lucky money from January 19-28 at 12 o’clock every day. Note that these quests will only be available for 15 minutes! Don’t miss the opportunity to earn 88 cents more for regular customers and 188 cents for new customers by completing a mission.
  • Especially, Lazada will give an extra 88 cents to customers who log in Lazada app for the first time!


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