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Happify Health provides free resources to help people cope with stress and worries during the global pandemic

Today, Happify Health, a leading digital mental health company, announced that it provides a variety of free resources to help people cope with the pressures and concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, including exclusive new content tracking, webinars to help you deal with work and family life Responsibility, weekly yoga, self-help articles and expert opinions through Facebook Live, etc.

“Biofeedback via smartphone app to relieve stress”

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The three tracks of specially curated content will be open to everyone. The first is “pressure management in uncertain times.” This is a brand-new content tracking specifically designed to solve the challenges people face due to the current global crisis. This new track created by Derrick Carpenter, a positive psychology coach, can help people cope with the pressures and worries they faced during this turbulent period, and find happiness, gratitude and connections in challenging times. Moment. “Stress Management in Uncertain Times” is a four-week course that uses a variety of evidence-based methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and mindfulness.

Happify Health also opened two free tracks for everyone, including “Feeling More Connected” written by Dr. Barbara Frederickson, a positive psychology leader and research scientist. The film provides new viewing footage that allows Watching her fuller footprint will help people create new connection opportunities during this period of social alienation, paving the way for a healthier and more fulfilling relationship. Anxiety caused by their worries, and in this unprecedented time to fight against negative thoughts.

In order to solve the challenges that many people face when working remotely, while also taking care of family life responsibilities, Happify Health also provides a free webinar, which everyone can visit at 1:00 pm on Tuesday “How to work at home Keep active and flexible”” webinar. , April 7. The one-hour webinar led by workplace coach and positive psychologist expert Stella Grizont will discuss:

3 strategies to stay focused, organized and connected

How to establish a healthy boundary between work and family life

Simple evidence-based practice, stay motivated and flexible

“We feel obliged to provide free tools for anyone and everyone in need to deal with the pressure and uncertainty in this rapidly changing environment, especially during isolation, all of us are experiencing social isolation,” Ofer Leidner, co-founder and president of Happify Health. “We have quickly created a brand new track dedicated to solving the challenges people are facing now and are providing it for free so that everyone can get support when and where they need it, without having to leave home.”

“In this difficult time, sincerity and heartfelt moments are becoming more and more important for cultivating and cherishing,” Barbara Frederick, leader of positive psychology and author of “More Connected to Others” Dr. Mori said. “My hope is that now, in these eras of pandemic, by providing this single for free, people will be inspired to discover or rediscover the moment of real contact.”

Every Thursday at 5pm EST, Happify provides free one-hour yoga classes with lecturer Shelby Elsbree through Facebook Live, giving people the opportunity to stretch and relax.

Happify Health also provides self-help resources for experts, including a recently published article titled “5 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health”, and insights from world-renowned meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg, sleep coaches, and experts. Mental health professionals. Happify Health will continue to publish other related tips and resources for users in the coming weeks.

Happify’s corporate business, Happify Health Solutions, is providing its customers with additional support materials to help its customers’ employees and members manage in this global crisis, including email newsletters, reminder forms, and copies of text messages for distribution. And access to the new “Stress Management in Uncertain Times” topic. Happify Health’s corporate customers include three of the top five payers in the United States, including Cigna, several Fortune 500 companies, and some of the world’s largest technology brands. Through these partnerships, 12 million people worldwide can use Happify Health’s tools.

Since dealing with stress and emotional health is a global challenge, Happify offers eight languages, including English, Spanish, Standard French, Canadian French, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Japanese.

As evidence and a science-based platform, Happify Health’s tools have been validated through randomized controlled trials and extensive optimization methods, which fully demonstrates its effectiveness and high level of user participation. A published randomized controlled trial found that people who used Happify reduced their anxiety and depression symptoms by 25% compared to the positive comparative conditional psychological education used in accordance with the instructions of this study. In addition, a recent random experimental trial published in “JMIR Serious Games” “Biofeedback through smartphone applications to relieve stress” found that users of Happify compared to other cases, the Breather activity of mobile applications is under pressure. Recovery efficiency increased by 10%. Happify’s “breath” activity trains users through gamified biofeedback to regulate and regulate their heart rate variability (HRV) to calm their bodies.

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