Hao Longbin: running for Kuomintang chairman, hoping Taiwan can get rid of blackmail-Lianhe Daily

Former Taipei Mayor Hao Longbin officially announced his candidacy for the Nationalist Party.

He posted on Facebook saying that he would put aside his personal political planning and devote himself to the party, aiming to train young succession echelons, and lead the people out of the DPP ’s kidnapping of Taiwan independence and the unity of the Communist Party.

In response, Kuomintang Taipei City Councillor You Shuhui said that many people in the party have talked with Hao Longbin recently.

“If it’s selflessness and morality, I don’t think it’s possible to avoid relatives. I think he is a very good person.”

Hao Longbin Lian Shengwen Alliance

In addition, before the announcement of Hao Longbin, there were rumors in the Kuomintang that Hao Longbin and Lian Shengwen would form an alliance, but Kuomintang Taipei City Councillor Xu Hongting rumored this.

“I have not heard of such news at all. I think it should be a bit futile. The Kuomintang has already lost even the sedan chair. Those who want to be elected, please come out quickly, because there is no sedan chair, come out and bear it quickly.”

Hou Youyi, the mayor of New Taipei, said that if someone is willing to jump out and take responsibility, he thinks it is a good thing.

Zhu Lilun also wanted to come forward

In addition, there are rumors that Zhu Lilun is also a person who wants to come forward, but what makes Zhu Lilun hesitate is that if the reform is too powerful, it will easily offend conservatives and affect the future presidential election.

The Kuomintang legislator Lin Lichan said that Zhu Lilun is a good candidate, whether it is administrative experience or personal experience, it is a good candidate for an individual or the party.

According to the statistics of the KMT Central Committee, as of January 15, about 258,000 party members have the right to vote. In response to last year, Tainan City Member Xie Longjie called for 15,000 Korean fans to join the KMT. In 2017, when the party chairman was elected, 463,000 people had the right to vote. The next test of how to promote the enthusiasm of party members will be the first test.

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