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[Hands to repair the car]Replace the damaged seat cushion skin and thicken the seat cushion

The[MOTO HACK]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, the “commuter” will share his riding story with VT250!

Through the car owner’s modification and maintenance of the car-VT250, let riders understand the advantages or disadvantages of the VT250 from multiple angles.

Vehicle introduction and maintenance content

About the vehicle


This work

Replace the seat cushion skin that has lost its elasticity for a long time, and thicken the seat cushion sponge that has become thinner due to long-term use.

operating hours

About 5 hours.

Work difficulty

If you prepare the tools and operate them carefully, you can get good results even if you try for the first time. If you want to get exquisite results, you need more careful and subtle craftsmanship.

Tools used


■Synthetic leather with high weather resistance

Genuine leather is expensive. Novice DIYers recommend using cheaper synthetic leather to try.

■Flake polyurethane

For thicker seat cushions.


The so-called stapler (hotchkiss).

■Nail puller

Take it off and use the staples.

■10mm wrench

To disassemble the seat cushion body.

■Laundry clip
It is very convenient when temporary fixation is required.

Detailed work steps

1. Remove the fixing screws and remove the seat cushion from the body.

This time I use the nail puller as a new weapon, which can save a lot of time. Although the model in the photo is a cheap model of Monotaro, it is unexpectedly easy to use.

2. Scrape off the urethane fragments
If you scrape with a cutter, it will rattle, but if you scrape with a grater, you can make the surface smoother.
Even so, due to the nature of fragmented urethane, there are still some inhomogeneities.

3. Cover the urethane with a slightly larger and thinner urethane and bond it evenly so that there are no bumps on the surface.

4. Use rubber adhesive to fix it, not strong adhesives, because it will harden the surface of the coating, and the ride after completion will feel strange. (Although the adhesive force of rubber adhesive is very weak, it can still be firmly fixed on the surface without worrying about moving.)

5. After processing the thickness of the seat cushion sponge, cover the seat cushion with the synthetic leather. It is recommended to fix the front surface first, then straighten the leather surface and extend it back. Make sure that it is smoothed and fixed with staples.

6. Then smooth and smooth the cushion skin to the left and right sides, so that the cushion can completely fit the cushion.

7. After the fixing is completed, cut off the excess seat cushion skin, and then put the seat cushion back on the car.


1. When flattening the seat cushion skin, pay attention that it should not be too large or too small. Too much force will crack the seat cushion from the corner, and too little force will cause wrinkles in the cushion.

2. In the first attempt, you can use the laundry clip to temporarily fix it repeatedly to avoid the waste of time caused by repeated disassembly and assembly of staples.

3. Although it takes a lot of time, once you can complete the work, you will get a sense of accomplishment (if it is troublesome, please ask the seat cushion to do it).

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