Hands-On With The XiaoXin Pad Pro Keyboard (Lenovo P11 Pro Keyboard)

Hands-On With The XiaoXin Pad Pro Keyboard (Lenovo P11 Pro Keyboard)

My Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro keyboard type cover arrived. This of course is the same as the Lenovo P11 Pro keyboard. I ordered mine from Banggood it’s about the same price (115 euros) as the local Lenovo one, however in my case that local one is in Spanish so I had to import one in to get the US English layout. The keyboard is one of the best I’ve used for a tablet, well worth the extra if you do type a lot and it gives the tablet some protection.

It comes in two parts. One the kickstand rear case part that has strong magnetics that keeps it on the rear of the tablet. The kickstand has a free nonfixed angle so you can set it upright or almost completely flat or anywhere in between. And the second part, the keyboard itself. It’s made of high-quality plastics and fabric on the outside that gives it a great feel, plus the finish and quality is very premium & high-end. And so it should be for the price tag!

How is it to type on?

The feedback from the keys is nice, good bounce back, and quiet. The travel is about 1.5mm and the layout is comfortable. I’ve no issues typing away on it at a good pace and I find it’s better than even my Galaxy Tab S7+ keyboard which I had some issues with the shift key and capitals. No such issues with this P11 Pro keyboard.

Touchpad and yes there is a desktop mode.

While the touchpad is small it’s well optimised and the sensitivity is perfect, just enough to reach all areas of the screen with my mouse pointer.  Overall if you plan to type a lot the hardware keyboard while a bit expensive is definitely worth it. An added bonus is once the keyboard is connected it triggers a desktop mode similar to DeX from Samsung that allows you to run apps in smaller windows side-by-side and multitask much quicker.

The total weight is still under 1 kilo all up!

The Lenovo P11 Pro weighs with and without the keyboard. With an all-up weight of under 1 kilo is great.

See my XiaoXin Pad Pro review:


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