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Hand-held printer MBrush versatile

The bottom is also the main unit, which meets the ink outlet with the surface to be printed. Right at this bottom position there are 2 levers: 1 is Open / Lock to open the upper lid to replace the ink bottle inside, 2 is the On / Off lock to activate the printer’s Wifi connection with the phone. Next to it is the optical sensor, 2 horizontal rollers to serve the drag movement when printing.


The upper part contains 2 signal lights and in the middle of the button that activates the print start and Product Logo. There is a cartridge holder with a transparent cover and a USB Type-C port on the other side.

How it works


At first I thought it would connect via the downloaded app, but no. You must first connect your phone and printer via WIFI. Where does this WIFI part come from? The answer is when you turn on the ON switch of the printer, it will emit WIFI for the phone, connect with the default password: 12345678.


The lid covering the ink is quite important because it does not have a QR Code to lead to the edit link printed on the phone. Unlike some products that connect to the phone through apps / apps, this printer will be controlled by a website opened on the smartphone after connecting with WIFI between the printer and mobile phone.

Everyone during use should carefully keep this lid, because in addition to protecting the ink secret directly adjacent to the printing surface, it also contains a QR Code to lead to the website containing the editor, Create and install templates, text, … so we can design and print. However, you should also save this website or QR code somewhere in case you lose the cap.


A little cumbersome in this connection, firstly when connecting WIFI to the printer, you cannot connect to the external network at the same time even using 4G. This will affect people who, while using a printer, want to download more images and fonts online for immediate printing. I had to disconnect the WIFI connection with the printer first, re-connect to the normal Internet, download the pre-loaded image, and then connect back to the printer to print the downloaded image.

The second is that there is no app to connect, so when disconnecting from the printer and phone, the next time you want to continue printing, you must connect to the wifi and go to the web page containing the print template editor.

The rest of the machine works very simply, after receiving the signal to print the sample code as images, or text to print from the smartphone, press activate, the ink release machine, you roll horizontally to the product. It does not generate heat when printing but thanks to inkjet technology, specifically I give it to the skin test and there is no phenomenon.

Print results


In addition to printing on plain paper like paper, Mbrush printers can print on many different materials, According to the manufacturer, it supports Tatoo printing without any heat damage. It also prints on other materials such as leather, wood, plastic, iron, glass and porcelain, before printing, it is necessary to cover with a layer of solution for long-lasting … Not only printing on the surface, Mbrush printers have can be printed on curved, rough or uneven surfaces.


In terms of quality, MBrush Kongten produces a clear print, normal color reproduction, note that it does not reproduce exactly like the original 100% color, but there is a significant difference. However, when viewed, they still represent the correct color field. The ink on the printed paper does not fade and smears, dries quickly, but on other materials it is recommended to apply a coating to keep the color longer.

Anyone can own this printer for a price:

– Pre Order price for Mbrush is 2,490,000 VND (Printer and Ink included)
– The price of additional printing ink is VND 790,000
– Coating price: 300,000 VND
– Combo for Mbrush + Ink is 3,090,000 VND
– Link of product details:

MBrush – I SiliconZ Multifunction Handheld Printer

Super small size and light | Print on all materials | 6 hours continuous use I Easy to use and connect I Print up to 415 pages

– Pre Order will start at 9:00 am on August 25, 2020

The price I find is quite reasonable, not too expensive for a compact handheld printing device, can personalize printing, design, …

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