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Hand-held accessory bag Peak Design Tech Pouch: 21 compartments, beautiful, durable, fully waterproof

Tech Pouch carries on itself a very characteristic Peak Design design, simple on the outside and complex inside. Please watch the video on hand:

Tech Pouch's looks are simple but sharp:

4 handles in 4 edges help users easily hold, grasp and manipulate

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1 large compartment outside to hold phone, passport or other items that need quick access.

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There is a hole for charging the cord from the inner compartment to this compartment for charging the phone.

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2 small straps to strap and turn the Tech Pouch into a mini bag.

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The outer shell is fully machined with Nylon 200D, which makes Tech Pouch waterproof and durable

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External zippers are also waterproof

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Tech Pouch's interior is designed according to the origami language to help neatly and intelligently divide and store technology accessories and equipment:

3 main compartments; 12 auxiliary compartments without zippers; 1 separate card compartment with zipper and waterproof lock; 4 belts to hold the pen

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  • Crafted with durable, high waterproof materials
  • 21 compartments with smart design
  • Separate memory card compartment
  • Phone compartment with convenient charging hole
  • A strap can be attached to turn into a handy mini bag


  • The handles are small and too close to the bag body so it is difficult to manipulate
  • Expensive


  • Size: 15 x 24 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 288 grams
  • Storage capacity: 2 liters
  • Price: $ 60

Trần Hoàng Long.

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