Han Ye-seul, mention Teddy? "The one I loved the most, remains the most memorable" (Yesul Han) [종합]
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Han Ye-seul, mention Teddy? “The one I loved the most, remains the most memorable” (Yesul Han) [종합]

[엑스포츠뉴스 김현정 기자] Actor Han Ye-seul boasted sincere talk.

On the 11th, Han Ye-seul wrote on his personal YouTube channel’Han Ye-seul is’ Posted a video of Han Ye-seul’s Q&A. I spent time reading and answering the questions sent by the subscribers.

Han Ye-seul defined her life as “a life that burns like a fire and enthusiastically.” “I lived my life. I lived my most like life.”

When asked about the background of growth and the philosophy of his parents, he said, “It’s true that I was born so bright by nature.”

“Of course, my parents divorced early and immigrated to the United States as a child, and I had a difficult childhood when I couldn’t say that it was flat, but it’s a question whether that environment changed my personality. Because I was cheerful, I feel like I’m as happy as when I did it now.”

Han Ye-seul said about the moment he thought he was the best in his life: “Every time I had a hard time to give up and get frustrated. Of course, I feel sad, depressed, and hard feelings. Sometimes I can’t do anything at home like a loser. “As I tried to keep my beliefs, my little actions of walking gathered and became my life.”

When I asked the most regretful moment, I confessed, “The moment I hurt people I loved is a lot of regrets. If I’m more mature, I might not have hurt that much, but over time, it seems like I’m still hurting me when I look back.” Set.

The memorable work is’A Fantastic Couple’, which was loved by broadcasting in 2006.

Han Ye-seul  “Of course it’s a’fantasy couple’. It’s the first main feature. The first debut is’Non-Stop 4′, but I was very excited to be the main character, but I was so happy that I was the main character. Am I the main character in this drama? “Is the impression of that time like a movie? I remember it vividly in slow motion. It’s really touching and unforgettable.”

He also mentioned the moment he thought he was good at doing celebrities. He said, “In fact, it’s really tiring to be famous, and it’s really good to do this. When it’s rewarding, it’s time for my little action to be influential. If unintended work becomes good influence, someone’s joy, and happiness, it’s a life that’s as great as that. “Where will you be?”

He also honestly answered questions about the most memorable of all the people he met. He said, “If I can be honest, I can’t remember the one I loved the most. Then can I… can I talk to you?” He laughed, saying, “I am the one I loved the most. I can’t deny it.”

“I think spending time with loved ones is the most fun, happy, and the most time-consuming. But there are no loved ones now, so I’m bored and life is boring. Someday, when I have someone I love, the world is so fun and exciting, and I became the main character in the world.” It will feel like something. There’s nothing like that,” he confessed.

I also pointed out three points that are important when looking at a man. “Whatever your looks, profession, and styling, you must be attracted. The second must be a good person. It’s vague, but at least when I feel bad, I hate bad guys and bad guys. I hate bad guys, no matter how rich, cool, capable and attractive they are.” did.

Then, “Lifestyle should fit well. If you spend a lot of time, your taste and lifestyle patterns are too different, it would be difficult. In the past, I was an ordinary girl waiting for Prince White Horse, but now I want to be a princess riding a white horse to someone. Why?” Do I have to wait for the Prince of the White Horse?

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