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“Halo 3: Hell Paratroopers” will start PC version testing in early August!

Recently, Microsoft 343 Industries studio announced that it will start the test of the PC version of “Halo 3: Hell Paratrooper” in early August. The test content this time includes six plot tasks.


The content of the “Halo 3: ODST” test includes six plot missions: Mombasa Streets, Tayari Plaza, Uplift Reserve, NMPD HQ, Data Hive and Coastal Highway. In addition, there will be matching matches and custom matches on the following seven maps: Crater (Night), Rally (Night), Crater, Lost Platoon, Windward, Chasm Ten and Last Exit. Finally, this test will also include custom mode and theater mode. The goal of the test is to ensure that all systems are functioning properly and to collect feedback on the content of the test.


Players who want to participate in this test and the follow-up “Halo 4” PC version test, need to register as a tester of the Halo Insider project, and only need to provide your system configuration and related information to 343 Studio, including your Steam account or Microsoft account , You may receive a test invitation. The Halo Insider tester program is completely free. If you want to play the beta version in advance, there is no reason not to apply.

“Halo: Master Chief Collection” is currently priced at 116 yuan on Steam. The content that has been officially launched includes “Halo: Battle Evolution”, “Halo 2 Annual Edition”, “Halo 3”, and “Halo: Reach”. It is expected to be tested and will continue. Also included are “Halo 3: ODST” and “Halo 4”.


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