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Halloween special event returns to terrify us

Last week we told you about the free Switch trial for Overwatch, the opportunity to test the game without spending a single penny. But Overwatch also plans to celebrate Halloween in its own way with a special event. As usual, you will be able to face Dr.Schakalstein in a mode specially designed for this terrifying party.

Defend Adlersbrunn against waves of zomniacs by choosing from a list of heroes. This game mode is the same as last year, the only small change is the addition of two new heroes in the selection. Ash and Baptiste can therefore be chosen to challenge Dr.Schakalstein and his various servants.

For each event, you must play regularly for three weeks to obtain the different skins, tags and avatars available. So, every week, two new game modes will be added, and for this first week, the Vengeful Ghost mode in which you are chased by a murderous ghost, and the Wild Rush mode with its speed boost on zomniacs, are available.

Let’s come to the main rewards of this event, the three skins that will be possible to obtain each week by winning nine victories : the skin “Fantasma” for Sombra, “Pierre” for Brigitte and “Poupée de Chiffon” for the latest hero, Echo. This last skin is perfectly suited to Halloween and will allow you to sow terror on the battlefield. Who would love to see such a doll fly across the map?

Several skins, emotes and entrances will also be available with the event chests. Here is the list of new elements:

  • Skin “Dai-Tengu” pour Hanzo
  • “Flying Dutchman” skin for Sigma
  • Skin “Karasu-Tengu” pour Genji
  • “Werewolf” skin for Winston
  • Skin “Shin-Ryeong” pour D.Va
  • “Zombie Walk” Emote for Reinhardt
  • “Little Spider” on stage for Fatale
  • Enter “Tire sur Cible” for Pharah

And for those players who would like to get more chests, there is an offer available right now with a ten chests bonus for purchasing fifty chests at € 39.99. What to increase his chances of obtaining one of the elements mentioned in the list above.

The “A Terrifying Halloween 2020” event is available on Overwatch from October 13 to November 3, 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. A somewhat recycled event that could disappoint those who have already participated in it last year, however the skins added for the occasion are for some really successful and should attract the most determined collectors.


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