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Half of people who buy electric car pumps often make these mistakes!

An electric car pump will save lives in many emergencies. However, there are many different types of electric pumps available on the market, which leads to confusion in choosing.

Car tire pressure has a direct impact on the operation and safety of driving. Therefore, car users should regularly check the tire pressure, to make sure the tires are always in the best condition, helping them operate the most efficient and durable. The electric motor pump is an effective tool to ensure the tires always have the right pressure to work properly.

Electric car pumps support tire pressure at all times

Electric car pumps support tire pressure at all times

In addition, in unfortunate circumstances such as when the car is “stuck” or pierced by a sharp object, the cladding pressure will be reduced making the vehicle unable to run. But if your car has an electric pump, they will pump up the tire pressure so you can keep running. However, the choice to buy an electric pump suitable and quality is not known.

Here are some common mistakes made by people who buy electric car pumps.

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Cars have big tires but choose a small electric pump

A large tire will need much larger air volume than a small tire. In particular, the amount of steam needed by a small sedan can be only half or one-third the amount of steam of an SUV or pickup truck. Therefore, you should base on the type of wheel by each vehicle to choose the right pump. For big wheels, you should choose a large pump, not a baby pump.

Many people because of savings should choose baby pumps because they are cheaper. This is a mistake in the choice to buy a car electric pump. Because if you use a small pump to pump a large tire, it takes more time to pump because of their low capacity. Even using small pumps for large tires can damage or burn the pump. So not only does it save, but it also costs more.

Choosing baby pumps for big tires is a common mistake of buyers

Choosing baby pumps for big tires is a common mistake of buyers

Mr. Nguyen V. Thang (owner of a car accessories shop in Ho Chi Minh City) shared: “One of the biggest mistakes when buying a car pump is buying a small pump for big tires. For small cars like sedans or compact cars, you can choose either large or small electric pump. But for larger vehicles like pickup or SUV, you should choose to buy a large electric car pump. Large pumps with 1 or 2 cylinders are okay but need to ensure the minimum pump capacity at 60-80 LPM or more. But many customers who want to save money should choose a small pump. They often think small pumps, it takes a little longer to pump it is okay. But this is the wrong idea, using a small pump for big tires can cause overload, causing the pump to be damaged. ”

Plug the power into the 12V charging port for convenience

A common mistake when people buy a pump to use it is to plug the pump into the 12V charging port. Plugging into the 12 V power port will help users perform operations more quickly and conveniently. However, plugging into a car’s 12V power outlet could affect the car’s internal electrical system or insufficient electrical capacity to operate if it is a large pump.

Should get electricity from the battery if using a large electric pump

Should get electricity from the battery if using a large electric pump

Typically, the 12V charging port is only suitable for small pumps. For large pumps, you can plug in the 12 V charging port or get electricity from the battery by clamping directly. But the best way to ensure, to avoid affecting the electrical system of the car and pump, should choose to get electricity from the battery. However, the drawback of how to get electricity from the battery is that users need to take time to open the bonnet to plug in.

When using the pump does not control the power source

Failure to control the power supply when pumping is one of the common mistakes of users. Because if you do not control the power when using the pump, it can affect the operation of the pump and the entire electrical system on the vehicle. Ideally, when plugged in to pump automobile tires, you should use in a situation where the engine does not start the engine to control the power and ensure safety if the battery is in good condition.

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Half of people who buy electric car pumps often make these mistakes!

Failure to control the power source when using the pump can affect the electrical system in the vehicle

However, if the battery is old or weak, the ability to charge is poor, to ensure that after the pump is completed, the machine will still work, you can pump and start the engine at the same time. That will not affect the engine and will not consume too much fuel.

Therefore, to ensure the car pressure is always stable and operate the best, we should regularly check the tires and pump regularly. Besides, choosing the right and proper pump will help pump the car to operate stably and permanently.

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