Half a billion LinkedIn accounts are for sale on forums

Half a billion LinkedIn accounts are for sale on forums

CyberNews discovered that a data package containing information of 500 million accounts was auctioned since March 6. Two days later, LinkedIn confirmed that it was their user.

500 million user accounts were auctioned

According to CNN, the file contains account ID, username, email address, phone number, gender, job title and links to profiles on other social networks.

However, LinkedIn thinks this is not a major leak. Listing data is gathered from a number of different websites and companies. Contains information that is publicly visible in the user profile. This is not a data theft, no user’s personal accounts were compromised, LinkedIn stressed.

This information comes a few days after another shaky security incident. More than 500 million Facebook user accounts with many important data such as phone number, email, date of birth … announced by hackers.

These types of data are not as sensitive as credit cards or social security numbers, but bad guys can still exploit them for fraudulent or spam purposes.

LinkdIn confirmed not to have data theft attack. So where did this incident come from?

According to the CNN, LinkedIn has more than 675 million members. Thus, information of about three-quarters of users is in the hands of hackers and is publicly sold.

Although it claims not to have been hacked, LinkedIn condemns the collection and sale of this sensitive information. ‘Any data abuse violates our terms, which prohibits third-party software, bots, extensions or plugins from obtaining data from the website.’

LinkedIn has stated that: ‘Anyone attempting to obtain member data, use it for purposes not approved by LinkedIn and the user is blocked’.

However, this social network has not responded to whether or not to notify those affected. Stay tuned to Phong Vu Technology for more latest information!

Khoa Nguyen

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