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THE loss of hair it is a problem that affects many people, women and men, and can have different causes. Learn a little more about this condition below.

  • Hair loss in women

  • Symptoms of hair loss

  • See a dermatologist for hair loss

  • Local treatments for hair loss

  • Oral treatments for hair loss

  • How to prevent hair loss

Hair loss in women

Hair loss among women can be sign of some disease. There are, however, specific treatments and certain actions that can be taken to reduce hair loss and promote hair health.

Symptoms of hair loss

Hair loss can be accompanied by other manifestations, such as tiredness, capillary oil, brittle and thin threads and itchy scalp.

See a dermatologist for hair loss

Seeking the help of a dermatologist will help you choose the best treatment to your problem and avoid procedures that will not bring results.

Local treatments for hair loss

Already exist shampoos and creams that give more strength to the threads and fight the fall. However, if the hair loss is caused by a disease, it is best to seek a doctor who determines the cause of the problem and indicates the most appropriate treatment.

Oral treatments for hair loss

In compounding pharmacies, there are pills and capsules for reinforce the wires, consolidating the hair keratin. But don’t expect any miracles from these products.

How to prevent hair loss

As far as possible, avoid brushing your hair, color or bleach the hair, make permes and wash your hair frequently. Also try not to expose the wires to excessive sun and always spend a capillary oil to protect them. Finally, don’t stress. Angry or anxious people suffer much more from hair loss.

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