Hair loss: intestinal bacteria could be the cause
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Hair loss: intestinal bacteria could be the cause

The intestinal microbiota, or intestinal flora, is definitely a key element of the human body as it seems to influence our health: metabolism, mood, digestion, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases …

According to a new study, published in the journalCell Reports, intestinal bacteria would even have an indirect impact on hair health, via the production of vitamin B7 or biotin. This indirect effect could thus explain the hair loss observed in some people, deficient in vitamin B7.

In any case, this is what emerges from the experiments carried out in mice: the animals whose intestinal microbiota had been suppressed by antibiotics suffered from hair loss and vitamin B7 deficiency. And this hair loss was accentuated thereafter, because a new lactic acid bacterium (Lactobacillus murinus), unable to produce biotin, developed after the antibiotic treatment.

Fortunately, this negative effect would be reversible, via a diet richer in biotin (B7), or even intramuscular injections of biotin, stress the researchers.

In view of these results, the scientists behind the study are hopeful that they will find new therapeutic approaches against hair loss and alopecia, such as the creation of a probiotic boosting biotin-producing bacteria, and an antibiotic targeting intestinal bacteria that do not produce them. In short, a new approach which would consist of influence the composition of the microbiota so that the body’s needs for vitamin B7 are fully covered, without the need for lifelong supplementation. Beyond alopecia, this study shows the influence of food on the microbiota, certain foods can favor certain bacterial species rather than others. Hence the importance of keeping as much as possible a balanced diet, without deficiencies, to keep a healthy microbiota.

Source: Medical Xpress

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