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Hai Duong giants transforms Lamborghini Aventador S unique in Vietnam

After a period of absence, the giant of the ‘East Country’ decided to bring supercar Lamborghini Aventador S walking around Saigon and join the year-end party of Car Passion in Vung Tau.

The biggest change in this appearance is the super cow’s appearance. The body has been wrapped by a new decal owner with a racing style, including 3 tones of yellow, white and black in rough form.

The front wheel arch has an additional ‘78’ decal that has a special meaning to the car owner. Many new components are made of carbon fiber such as the front bumper, capo, side panels and fixed rear wing.


The original rim of the Lamborghini Aventador S has also been changed. The set of S21-01 Vossen wheels forged monolithic – 3-piece gold – is replaced by the car’s original multi-spoke wheels.


With the dominant black tone, the Vossen S21-01 rim of the unique ‘Italian super cow’ in Vietnam is highlighted by the gold-painted fixed bolts.



According to the information on the Vossen homepage (, each S21-01 tray has a starting price of $ 2,600, equivalent to 60 million. Therefore, this beauty businessman must spend a total amount of up to VND 240 million for 4 wheels on the Lamborghini Aventador S.


The heart of this Aventador S is still a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12. Exhaust system branded Ryft Titanium Race from the US has increased the maximum capacity from 740 horsepower to 768.


The new exhaust system of the ‘super cow Y’ is made of titanium material, helping the weight of the vehicle reduce 12kg. In particular, this exhaust system only produces a limited number of 18 sets worldwide, priced at up to $ 8,000 (~ VND 185 million).


Lamborghini Aventador S was brought to Vietnam by the cosmetic industry in May 2017, which was ordered genuine at Lamborghini Hanoi. In the US, this model is priced at 314,000 USD. After paying tax in Vietnam, this super cow cost up to more than VND 40 billion



Photo: T.P.Tai


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