‘HAGL is not playing well’

Coach Le Huynh Duc has had an objective assessment after the home team’s defeat to HAGL.

Highlights SHB Danang 0-2 HAGL (Round 8 V-League 2021) (Source: Next Media)

After the victory over Hanoi FC in the 7th round of the V-League 2021, SHB Da Nang continued to play at Hoa Xuan’s home field when welcoming HAGL players in the eighth round. This is a good opportunity for Ha Duc Chinh and teammates take the first place in the group from the opponent’s own hands.

However, the 90 minutes of rolling on the field did not go as expected of coach Le Huynh Duc. The Han River team lost to coach Kiatisak’s army and fell to 4th place on the rankings.

Sharing after the game, coach Le Huynh Duc affirmed: “HAGL was not playing well, but today we were playing more slowly, losing ourselves and creating opportunities for them. I want the players to join the game faster, but the stamina is part of what makes them unable to do what I want. If I do exactly what I say, HAGL will have difficulty right from the first half, not the second half.

I sat in the cabin and wanted my players to play faster, pass faster but they couldn’t do it and they were scared. After Van Toan’s long-shot goal, he was no longer confident to play“.

After a smooth start with consecutive victories, SHB Danang is now showing signs of a slowdown. Since the V-League returned after a period of suspension, the Han River team has lost 3 matches.

Currently, SHB Da Nang has dropped to the 4th position on the rankings and is 1 point behind the team ranked right above is Viettel.

Cong Phuong and Van Toan spoke up to help HAGL return to the No. 1 position



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