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Hackers ‘visit’ McDonald’s fast food chain

McDonald’s logo outside a restaurant in Washington, DC, USA. Photo: AFP/VNA

McDonald’s announcement said that, although immediately after detecting the cyber attack, the company quickly removed access rights, but hackers still had access to some data files (files), including files containing data. customer’s personal. However, this information is not related to the customer’s payment activities. The company’s activities were also not interrupted.

According to McDonald’s, the cyberattack affected its customers in South Korea and Taiwan. McDonald’s confirmed that it will soon notify local authorities and customers whose personal information has been accessed. Currently, the iconic American fast food chain is working with a third party to investigate the incident.

In recent times, many large companies, NGOs and government agencies in the US have been constantly attacked by hackers. Most recently, on May 31, the world’s largest meat supplier JBS, the US branch (JBJ USA) became the target of a ransomware attack and had to pay a fine. ransom equivalent of 11 million USD in Bitcoin.

Earlier, also in May, a major cyberattack led to the temporary closure of the Colonial Pipeline’s petroleum pipeline system, affecting fuel supply in 17 US states. Colonial Pipelines also paid $4.4 million worth of Bitcoin to the DarkSide hacker group to restore the operation of the fuel pipeline to the Southeast of the United States.

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