Gym experience for beginners

You struggle and vaguely do not know where to start with a new "ghost" Gym. With the amount of knowledge and practical experience is not much that makes you fall into a bewildered mood. Understanding this feeling of you as well as knowing desire, expectation to own a body of “ten thousand people”. Here are a few Gym experience for beginnersYou should refer.

The purpose of the exercise

Determining the exact goal, you can find the right exercise and nutrition method for you:

  • Exercise to have a healthy body
  • Train to build your muscles the biggest available
  • Exercise to lose weight
  • Or do you want to exercise to gain weight

Answering the questions above, you have determined what your goals are.

Choosing what you want will help you have the most appropriate training method. Obviously, when the purpose is clear and specific, it will create conditions for you to make a detailed scientific training plan.

Choose the right outfit

For both men and women when starting to practice vchoice Choosing the right outfit is the next important step. Always wear cool pants and shirts, with elastic material, absorbing sweat to create comfort when practicing. Suggestions for costumes like armpit t-shirts, tank tops and shorts, cotton towels, shoes are ideal things when you first get into the gym.

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Nutrition for gym people

Knowing the original purpose of the Gym is what?

You will set up a proper diet to meet the energy needs for a training session to bring about the desired results. Before practicing, you can spend about 1 or 2 hours before you eat something (eat light).

Note that you should not eat too full, do not drink alcohol, beer, coffee, stimulants … it will make you unable to exercise and lead to many negative effects leading to many other consequences. When exercising, the Gym will help the body be healthy, not hungry and lose energy during exercise. At the same time, after the workout, you need to replenish the calories just lost by increasing the amount of protein to recover muscle.

Apply the method of eating into small meals a day to keep the body in a state of full energy, avoid loading too much food at once. Also can supplement additional milk products.

Proper diet makes up 70% of health promotion and exercise only accounts for 30% of the gains. So, whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, …. then you should focus on daily diets.


Nutrition for beginners to Gym

Reasonable Gym time

People who are new to Gym are easily discouraged, do not have a fixed time to practice and many people practice according to inspiration, good mood, then go to practice and when feeling tired or sad, stay at home. The lack of determination and no specific schedule will make you work out Gym results and can leave the gym halfway through.

For beginners, you should go to the gym about 3 sessions / week and when you get used to it, you can increase the training to 5-6 sessions / week. However, do not exercise throughout the week because you need to give muscles time to rest, recover and develop after training.

Maintaining the habit of going to the gym every week with the instructions or regular exercise at home will help you quickly achieve the best results. You can arrange your gym time in the morning or evening. According to experts, exercising in the evening will be better and help you achieve your goals faster.

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<h2><b>Gym schedule for beginners</b></h2>
<p><span style=Specific exercise planning is important. Gym is an exercise that must integrate a lot of different exercises and complete muscle groups. Therefore, the detailed planning for gym is indispensable. Especially for those who are new to Gym, having a clear and scientific workout plan will help you be motivated, and arrange a clearer workout time.

Beginners in Gym often do not understand all the exercises, nor can they arrange a schedule for specific muscle groups and so you can ask for the help of the coaches. At the gym, you can ask the coach to guide, plan how to train each day or how to practice to achieve the best results without fear of causing unfortunate injuries.

After determining the purpose of the Gym, you can ask the coach to guide the practice of dividing the exercises for each muscle group to suit you best. Muscle groups need to relax within 24 hours. To be recovered and start for the next training day. When you have a specific schedule for each day, you should apply it in the most scientific way.

Home gym for men and women without tools

Gym schedule for beginners

That is the Gym experience for beginners, these will help you not be surprised and avoid unnecessary mistakes in the first days of coming to the Gym. – Nutrition Specialist
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