Guizhou Inspection Team: Maotai Suqing Yuan Renguo has a long way to go to poison and restore the political ecology

Beijing News News On April 24, the official website of the Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced the seventh round of the 12th Provincial Party Committee to provide feedback to the Maotai Group Party Committee.

According to the unified deployment of the inspection work of the Provincial Party Committee, on March 28, 2020, the seventh round of the centralized feedback meeting of the 12th Provincial Committee Inspection of State-owned Enterprises was held in Guiyang. After the meeting, the first inspection team of the Provincial Party Committee gave written feedback to the Maotai Group Party Committee.

The first inspection team of the Provincial Party Committee pointed out: The current leadership of the Maotai Group Party Committee is working hard in unity, leading all party members and cadres and employees, and constantly strengthening the “four consciousnesses”, firming the “four self-confidences”, achieving “two maintenances”, and coordinating the promotion of ” The four comprehensive “strategic layout” promotes the overall “five in one” overall layout, and the overall situation of the company’s production and operation is in good shape. Especially in the special rectification of “Maotai Liquor Chaos”, he firmly took up his political responsibility, carried out a special rectification of the issue of using Maotai Liquor for private gain, and severely investigated and dealt with a number of corruption cases of “using alcohol for private gains”, and achieved good political results. , Disciplinary effect, development effect, social effect. However, the inspection also found some problems, mainly manifested in: long-term relaxation of political construction and ideological construction, there is a gap between the implementation of decision-making and deployment of the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, it is a long way to eliminate Yuan Renguo’s poison and repair the political ecology. “Inbreeding” is deeply entrenched, “circle culture” is deeply intertwined, the problem of selecting people and violating regulations is prominent, institutions overlap and chaos, management efficiency is not high, and grassroots party building work is weak. Strict governance of the party ’s “two responsibilities” is not fully implemented, supervision and discipline are not strictly accountable, non-observance of discipline and rules are commonplace, corruption cases are common, various types of supervision and inspection have found problems in rectification, and violated the eight central regulations Mental problems can’t stop forever.

The First Inspection Team of the Provincial Party Committee requires that the Maotai Group Party Committee should attach great importance to seriously implement the responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the party’s main body, and grasp the implementation of rectification. To further strengthen the party’s political construction, use Xi Jinping’s new era socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm the mind, guide practice, and promote work, continue to strengthen the study of political theory, integrate the party’s leadership into the entire process of enterprise development, and implement the ideological work responsibility system, Attaches great importance to repairing the political ecology and eliminating the poison of Yuan Renguo and other corrupt elements. It is necessary to further strengthen the party’s organizational construction, accelerate the reform of the personnel system, strictly implement the selection and employment regulations, strengthen the basic party building work, deepen institutional reform, and standardize the establishment of branches. It is necessary to further implement the “two responsibilities” governing the party and ruling the party, resolutely carry out the “two responsibilities”, carefully investigate post-corruption risks, timely plug the loopholes in the system, strictly implement accountability for supervision and discipline, implement the eight central regulations and relevant provincial committees Regulations to effectively promote rectification of problems. It is necessary to further focus on the main responsibility and main business, adhere to the overall tone of steady progress, continue to strengthen brand awareness, establish a good maintenance and development of Maotai image, and ensure the continuous and healthy development of Maotai Group.

After the provincial party committee’s centralized feedback meeting, the Maotai Group Party Committee immediately set out to arrange the implementation of rectification, set up a rectification work leading group, set up a special work group, formulate rectification plans, refine rectification goals, clarify rectification responsibilities and time limits, and promote rectification work. Implement carefully. On March 30th, Comrade Gao Weidong, Secretary of the Party Committee, presided over the meeting of the Party Committee, further conveying the learning of the spirit of the provincial committee’s centralized feedback meeting, and the full text of the Provincial Committee’s First Inspection Group’s feedback to the Maotai Group Party Committee.

Gao Weidong said that if the rectification is not implemented, it means disloyalty to the party and irresponsibility to the people. As a state-owned enterprise that has grown up under the leadership of the Party, Maotai Group should attach great importance to political inspection and rectification work, and regard inspection and rectification as an important opportunity and starting point to promote comprehensive and strict governance of the Party and overall work, as a loyalty to the Party Take responsibility for and implement the specific performance of “two maintenance”, unswervingly grasp the rectification and implementation of the wholeheartedly to ensure that the rectification of the problem is in place. Through inspections and rectifications, it is necessary to continuously enhance the “four consciousnesses”, strengthen the “four self-confidences” and resolutely accomplish the “two maintenances”. The feedback from the First Inspection Team of the Provincial Party Committee seriously pointed out the outstanding problems of the group company. It was a comprehensive political medical examination and political checkpoint. The party committee of the group accepted it sincerely, accepted all the orders and resolutely rectified it. The party committee will effectively take the main responsibility. As the secretary of the party committee, I will perform the responsibilities of the first person responsible for the rectification. I will take the first and full responsibility for the rectification work and take the lead in the rectification. If difficulties and thorny problems are encountered during the rectification and reform, timely submission to the party committee for discussion and study must make substantial progress within three months. Due to tight time and heavy tasks, everyone must enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility for rectification, set goals and tasks, schedule them once a month, and promptly report the progress of rectification to the party committee. The Commission for Discipline Inspection should strengthen supervision and inspection, establish a supervision mechanism as required, boldly supervise, and promote rectification and reform to achieve practical results. At the same time, we have to do the same thing and cure both the symptoms and the symptoms. The inspection team of the Provincial Party Committee discovered so many problems in just one month. During the survey of Governor Yiqin last week, he also pointed out that our “development mode is relatively extensive, and the quality of development is not high enough” We have a lot of problems, so everyone should think deeply, extend thinking, find the root cause, take the initiative in rectification and reform, so as to plug the loopholes, fill in the shortcomings, and improve the system. Standing for a long time. ” In short, if the problem is not rectified, it will never stop. If the rectification is not in place, it will never be recruited. Let the rectification goals be implemented one by one and receive practical results. The results must be able to withstand the inspection of the provincial committee, the practical test, and the employee test. Through inspections and rectifications, we must comprehensively strengthen party building, accelerate the formation of a political ecology and development environment in which “wine flavors are right and harmonious,” and promote Maotai’s high-quality development and make great strides.

On March 31, the Party Committee of Maotai Group immediately convened the inspection and rectification implementation mobilization deployment meeting. On April 1, the inspection and rectification task assignment meeting was held, and the inspection and rectification work was systematically arranged and deployed.

Deputy Secretary and General Manager of Maotai Group Li Jingren, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Yan, Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager Yang Jianjun, Party Committee Member and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee Zhuoma Cairang, Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager Yang Daiyong, Liu Daneng, Party Committee Member and General Counsel Duan Jianhua, party committee member and deputy general manager Wan Bo, and group chief engineer Comrade Wang Li attended the meeting.

Editor Xu Jingjing

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