Guilty Gear: Strive – A dated open beta on Sony consoles

You are excited by the promises of the next Guilty Gear (or just a fervent fan) and its release date, still set for April 9 (6 if you pre-purchased it on the PS Store from PlayStation 4 or 5), still seems very far ? Today’s news should delight you. It is indeed official, Arc System Works has confirmed on its game’s blog that it will be available for trial very soon., an opportunity therefore to know what this Guilty Gear: Strive and hear the guitars soften before its release.

Naturally, as is often the case with fighting games (and more particularly with this studio), this trial version will in fact be an open beta, which means that it will have an end of service for online modes (as was also the case with the Monster Hunter Rise demo on Nintendo Switch). To enjoy, you will therefore need to download and run it between February 18 and February 21 (noting that those who have pre-ordered the game on PSN will be able to try it out a day before).

On the content side, this demo version will give you access to a fairly wide variety of modes such as tutorial, practice, and local versus mode as well (against a 2nd player or a CPU) that online (against players from all over the world). The characters will also be quite numerous since on the 15 characters who will be present on the cake once the software is on the shelf, 13 will be able to cross swords in this demo.

So, what do you think ? Are you excited for the next installment of Guilty Gear? As a reminder, Guilty Gear: Strive will be available on PlayStation 4, 5 and PC on April 9. Players who pre-ordered it on PSN will be able to download and play it starting April 6.


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