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Guide to look up the National High School Exam 2019 quickly and accurately

The 2019 National High School Test Score was published at 0 o'clock on July 14th, this is the time for parents and students to look up the test scores quickly and accurately.

In order to avoid network congestion when too many people enter the exam scores, below will summarize all possible ways for you to look up the National High School Exam 2019 quickly and accurately.

Test scores can be searched through the Ministry's National High School Search Portal 2019 or the Department of Education and Training's local websites where the candidates take the test. To avoid network congestion, look up exam scores in 1 of 4 ways below:

Method 1: Look up the test scores at the Ministry of Education's National Examination Portal 2019

This will be the first choice for you to look up your test scores quickly and accurately. Candidates please visit the website: thisinh.thithptquocgia.edu.vn, then enter the number of ID card and registration code of the applicant when submitting the exam application to look up points.

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Method 2: Look up test scores at trusted newspaper sites

Besides MoET scores, the newspaper pages are also authorized by MoET to provide exam scores to reduce congestion.

Here are 4 pages of the fastest and most accurate exam score search:

– 24H Newspaper: diemthi.24h.com.vn

– VietnamNet newspaper: vietnamnet.vn/vn/giao-duc/tra-cuu-diem-thi

– VnExpress newspaper: diemthi.vnexpress.net

– Sports & Culture Newspaper: diemthi.vnanet.vn/ttvh-tra-cuu-diem-thi-THPT-2019

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Method 3: Look up exam scores at the local Department of Education and Training portal

Through the local Department of Education and Training's websites, candidates can also look up test scores accurately.

Below is the information portal of 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam for candidates to search for exam scores:

  1. Hanoi: www.hanoi.edu.vn
  2. Ho Chi Minh City: www.hcm.edu.vn
  3. Hai Phong: http://haiphong.edu.vn/
  4. Ha Giang: http://hagiang.edu.vn/
  5. Cao Bang: http://socaobang.edu.vn/
  6. Lai Chau: www.laichau.edu.vn
  7. Dien Bien: www.dienbien.edu.vn
  8. Lao Cai: www.sgdtt.laocai.gov.vn
  9. Tuyen Quang: www.tuyenquang.edu.vn
  10. Lang Son: www.sogdlangson.edu.vn
  11. Bac Kan: www.backan.edu.vn
  12. Thai Nguyen: www.thainguyen.edu.vn
  13. Yen Bai: www.yenbai.edu.vn
  14. Son La: www.sogddtsonla.edu.vn
  15. Phu Tho: http://www.thi.phutho.vn/
  16. Vinh Phuc: www.vinhphuc.edu.vn
  17. Quang Ninh: www.quangninh.gov.vn/so/sogiaoducdaotao
  18. Bac Giang: www.bacgiang.edu.vn
  19. Bac Ninh: www.bacninh.edu.vn
  20. Hai Duong: www.haiduong.edu.vn
  21. Hung Yen: www.hungyen.edu.vn
  22. Hoa Binh: www.hoabinh.edu.vn
  23. Ha Nam:
  24. Nam Dinh www.namdinh.edu.vn
  25. Thai Binh: http://diemthi.thaibinh.edu.vn/ or http://tradiem.thaibinh.edu.vn/
  26. Ninh Binh: or http://ninhbinh.edu.vn/tra-cuu/bang-diem
  27. Thanh Hoa: www.thanhhoaedu.vn
  28. Nghe An: www.nghean.edu.vn
  29. Ha Tinh: http://hatinh.edu.vn/
  30. Quang Binh: www.sgddt.quangbinh.gov.vn
  31. Quang Tri: www.quangtri.edu.vn
  32. TT – Hue: www.thuathienhue.edu.vn
  33. Da Nang: http://tracuudiem.danang.gov.vn/
  34. Quang Nam: www.quangnam.edu.vn
  35. Quang Ngai: www.quangngai.edu.vn
  36. Binh Dinh: http://tracuudiemthibinhdinh2019.vnedu.vn/ or
  37. Phu Yen: http://tracuudiem.phuyen.edu.vn/ or http://tracuudiems1.phuyen.edu.vn:8081/
  38. Gia Lai: http://tracuudiemthi.gialai.edu.vn:8080/ or http://diemthithpt.gialai.edu.vn:8080/
  39. Kon Tum: http://diemthithpt.kontum.edu.vn/ or http://diemthikontum.viettechkey.com/
  40. Dak Lak:
  41. Dak Nong: http://diemthithpt.daknong.edu.vn/
  42. Khanh Hoa: http://diemthi.khanhhoa.edu.vn/
  43. Ninh Thuận: http://ninhthuan.edu.vn/
  44. Binh Thuan: http://sgddt.binhthuan.gov.vn/
  45. Lam Dong: https://lamdong.edu.vn/
  46. Binh Phuoc: http://thpt.binhphuoc.edu.vn/
  47. Binh Duong: www.sgdbinhduong.edu.vn
  48. Tay Ninh: http://kqthpt.giaoductayninh.vn/
  49. Dong Nai: http://cttdt.dongnai.edu.vn/
  50. Long An: www.sgddt.longan.gov.vn
  51. Dong Thap: http://diemthi.dongthap.edu.vn/
  52. An Giang: www.angiang.edu.vn
  53. Vung Tau: http://diemthi.bariavungtau.edu.vn/
  54. Tien Giang: http://tracuudiem.tiengiang.edu.vn/ or http://tracuudiem2.tiengiang.edu.vn/
  55. Can Tho: https://thithptqg.cantho.gov.vn/
  56. Hau Giang: http://tracuudiem.haugiang.edu.vn/
  57. Ben Tre: http://tracuudiem.bentre.edu.vn/
  58. Vinh Long: http://tracuudiem.vinhlong.edu.vn/
  59. Tra Vinh: http://tracuu.sgdtravinh.edu.vn/
  60. Soc Trang: www.sogddt.soctrang.gov.vn
  61. Bac Lieu: www.sgddt.baclieu.gov.vn
  62. Kien Giang: http://tracuu.kiengiang.edu.vn/
  63. Ca Mau: www.sogddt.camau.gov.vn

Method 4: Look up test scores through Viettel's switchboard

Besides the above ways, you can also look up the 2019 National High School exam quickly through Viettel's 5055 switchboard.

For Viettel subscribers, candidates should compose the message according to the syntax DIEMTHI SOBAODANH to send 5055, Inside SOBAODANH is the name of the candidate to look up. The system will quickly return the results immediately after the search results are available.

Sforum - Latest technology information page 4-8 The fastest and most accurate way to search for National High School Exam 2019

The above are 4 ways to look up the exam scores quickly and accurately, thereby avoiding network congestion due to too many visitors. In addition, contestants and parents should be wary of fake, unreliable websites to avoid incorrect results.

Wish candidates get the best results in the last 2019 National High School exam!

Hoa Duc

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