Guide to convert Animoji to animated GIFs on iPhone and iPad
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Guide to convert Animoji to animated GIFs on iPhone and iPad

Want to convert Animoji emoticons to GIFs on iPhone and iPad? Apple allows you to do that with the Workflow application. Follow these steps to convert funny icons to gif images and share it with friends.

Before you begin, you need to create (or have) an Animoji icon on your device.

Step 1. Get the app Workflow about your iOS device. The application is free and requires iOS 9.0 or higher.

Step 2. Open the app and touch the tab Gallery.

Open the Gallery tab

Step 3. In the iPhone X section, swipe right and select Convert Animoji to GIF to convert emoticons into GIF images.

Select Convert Animoji to GIF

Step 4. Press the button Get Workflow.

Click Get Workflow

Step 5. Now, press Open.

Select Open near the bottom of the screen

Step 6. Next, press the play button at the top.

Click the play icon at the top

Step 7. Touch Saved to Photos in the popup window.

Click the option as shown

Step 8. Then select the Animoji you want to convert to GIF.

Select Animoji to convert to GIF

Step 9. Workflow will convert Animoji emoticons into GIFs. Now, press Share in the top left corner. You can choose to share a GIF with your friends via Facebook, Messages, email, etc. or save it to your Photo library.

Share the created GIF with your friends

If you want to convert Animoji to GIF again, this process will be shorter. Open the application Workflow > select tab My Workflows > touch Convert Animoji To GIF > touch the button Play.

Convert Animoji to GIF again

Then follow from step 7.

You can use this simple tip to convert any of your favorite Animoji icons to GIFs on iPhone. You can then use this GIF to comment on social networks or chat with friends.

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