Guide to catching disease and treating car clutch disease

Guide to catching disease and treating car clutch disease

Wearing a worn clutch in a car will affect other components such as the transmission and engine if you do not have timely solutions.

Taper of the car is a top important part to ensure that the car is always in good circulation, with the task of being the intermediary between the engine transmission and the active bridge. So when a car’s clutch is heavy or worn, it will directly affect the ability of the car to move, or even make the car inoperable.

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The clutch pedal is very important in driving the car

Common diseases of automobile clutches

The clutch pedal is heavy

When you control the car, the sense of stability of the car is often based on the weight of the clutch pedal, the accelerator pedal … If you have to try to use a lot of force to push the clutch down, most of it is the clutch pedal You have had a problem. And the cause of heavy clutches often comes from the lack of oil in the clutch control system due to not being checked periodically.

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Press the clutch hard to eat it

The cure: You can put it in a maintenance garage so that you can add oil to the system quickly, or you can buy oil yourself and add it to the clutch system to help lighten the clutches.

Strange noises when pressing the clutch

The reason when you hear strange noises when you step on the clutch pedal may be due to a malfunction in the clutch bearing, or a lack of oil. If you ignore this chattering bug, your car’s bearings may break due to not being checked and maintained regularly, leaving you with more trouble.

Replace bearings help you fix the error

Treatment: In order to be able to adjust the clutches to no longer sound, lubricate them to help the bearings work smoothly or replace them completely with new ones to ensure smooth clutch feet.

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The car is jerky when the clutch is released

If the clutch is not working properly, you will have problems after gearing up and releasing the clutch. If you are still a new driver and have this error, it may be because the steering is unfamiliar. If you are an experienced driver and still get this error, most of it is the error mentioned above.

How to cure: You should go to car maintenance centers so that technicians can thoroughly check the clutch of the car to find out why the car is jerked, such as broken springs and cracked presses. From there, the new technicians have tweaks to lighten the clutch pedal to best suit the fault that the vehicle is having.

It is difficult for the vehicle to climb the slope due to the clutch slip

Friction discs typically have an average lifespan of 120,000 km. But the life of the disc is also highly dependent on performance and usage habits. If you are new to driving, going on ramps, and in the city causing the car to have to pay a lot, that will make your friction disc reduce service life faster. When the friction disc is worn out, you will have difficulty climbing a slope or accelerating. Even though your vehicle’s rpm is already up to its optimum level, you have trouble getting it uphill. The main reason is that the engine torque cannot be transferred to the wheel due to the slip on the clutch (wear of the frictional disc will cause the clutch to slip easily).

Walking in complex terrain will cause the friction disc to wear quickly

Treatment: When the friction disc is worn out, you need to replace it with a new one. However, the process of changing the new friction disc is a job that requires a certain knowledge and technical expertise. Therefore, you should go to the garage and ask the technician to carefully check the gearbox and friction disc and replace the disc if necessary.

The clutch legs are shaking

If you lightly press the clutch, the clutch pedal will vibrate again. While pressing hard, the clutch pedal stops vibrating. The main reason in this case is due to incorrect clutch disc assembly. If you wait for a long time, this will cause the clutch to wear out quickly.

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Treatment: You need to remove the clutch and adjust the clutch leg so that it is correct, or you can go to a reputable repair site to be able to fully fix in this case.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, if you experience wear or heavier taper than usual, you will be subjective in fixing the clutch, which will cause damage to other relevant parts. Therefore, in addition to regular maintenance, you need a way to optimize the clutch travel so that your car always operates stably.

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