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Guide to analyzing rival websites quickly

The problem of traders in analyzing rival websites:

● Don't know where to start

● The analysis of rival websites undergoes many stages that discourage them

● Feeling difficult to analyze because they do not have much experience in online marketing

● Tried many rival analysis tools that were not effective

FFF rival website analysis tool – the perfect choice for all businesses:

Very simple to use, you just need to access the link: and enter the domain name of the competitor's website. Immediately you will know all the activities that have been going on in your opponent's online business.

The system will analyze and report to you about the business of competitors such as:

● Traffic of visitors

● Equipment that customers use to access their website

● Customer gender

● Time of visitors

● Where do their customers come from

● Statistics about the age of customers using their products / services

● Advertising channels, social networks that your competitors use to find customers

● The form of customer advertising: paid and not paid

● Statistics data for access from advertising

● List the types of keywords users search for their website

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With the data analyzed by the system from the competitor's website, we firmly believe that the business via your website will increase by 50% of potential customers each month, by the experience drawn from rival analysis.

Advantages of FFF Competitor Analysis Tool:

FFF rival analysis tool has outstanding advantages that other analytical tools do not have such as:

● Smart, analytical tools are fully automated based on statistics from the opponent's website

● Easy to use with just one click without technical knowledge

● Detailed analysis of the hairline in their website

● Analyze the online sales of competitors in the past 2 months

● Use for free

● Fast, accurate and effective.

● Get an AdWords promotional code of 1,350,000 immediately into your Google Ads account

Use FFF Competitor Analysis today to get more attractive offers:

Guide to quickly analyze rival websites - Photo 3.

In the process of using, if there is any problem you need to answer, please contact the hotline immediately 0901 47 48 46 for support.

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