Guide the process of charging air conditioning in a car

Guide the process of charging air conditioning in a car

The process of charging air-conditioning in a car consists of many steps and requires the operator to understand the steps as well as have a certain knowledge of the expertise.

Car air conditioners and household air conditioners have the same principle of operation. And as we all know, cold gas plays an important role in the car air-conditioning system. If the air conditioning system runs out of gas, it will cause the system to operate ineffectively and cause fuel loss. Therefore, you need to refuel your car as quickly as possible to avoid fuel consumption.

Refrigeration helps the air conditioning system work optimally

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Steps to charge car air conditioner

Determine whether the system has really run out of gas or not

Insert the inlet hose into the drain valve located near the humid air filter. You should double-check the system for leaks of cold gas and fix it again before adding new gas. Because if you don’t, the system will also leak out some gas, causing moist air to enter, and ineffective charging of cold gas. You should also add an extra amount of oil to the compressor and replace the humid air filter to ensure the car’s air conditioner works best. In addition, before filling with gas, a vacuum should be used to help push out the old air, moisture and gas. If you do not suck up all the old gas, charging the car will cause the mixture of old gas and new gas to reduce the life of the air conditioning system.

Use a vacuum to extract existing cold gas before recharging new gas

Note, you can clearly locate a cold gas leak by filling the air conditioning system with the soap solution. Once you are done charging, you need to observe where the bubbles appear and that is where the cold gas leak is. It is advisable to check if the outdoor unit’s piping has any problems, or if the compressor is working properly, to ensure the highest efficiency of the car’s gas charging process.

It is necessary to clearly define the leakage points for the optimal solution direction

Insert the gas intake hose into the storage tank

To avoid a leak in the tank, once the gas inlet hose fits into the connection with the tank, you need to open the valve on the tank completely. Open the low-pressure valve until you hear cold gas hiss. Then continue to open the coupling so that you can connect the low pressure valve to the intake manifold. As soon as the cold gas has passed through the intake manifold, tighten the joint to prevent cold evaporation and also prevent moisture and air from entering the intake manifold.

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When charging gas, you need to pay attention to 2 things, including:

High-pressure car air-conditioning charging: When your engine is no longer running, you will open the high-pressure valve to load the gas tank into the system, remember to choose the gas tank that matches the system capacity.

Car charging low pressure side: Lock the high pressure valve tightly and turn on the low pressure valve. You should also turn on the A / C switch, and turn on the air conditioner at full capacity. This time use the gas intake meter to control the intake pressure. Cold air intake usually uses pressure for display. Therefore, if the low pressure is at 1.5 – 2.5kgf / cm2 and high pressure at 14 – 15kgf / cm2 is enough.

Tightly close the low pressure valve to avoid leaks while charging is in progress

Note, should keep the refrigerant bottle upright so that the gas vapor can easily enter the car’s air-conditioning system, avoiding the phenomenon of liquid gas entering the system. In addition, do not overcharge the allowed limit to increase the life of car air-conditioners. You can use the gas refill meter to know how much air conditioning is enough.

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Remove the gas filling device

Once you have fully charged the gas, you need to turn off the locking valves, and gently remove the joints of the filling devices on the tank and gauge. Also check for leaks in both low and high pressure valves.

When completing the car filling process you need to close the valve tightly and remove the tool

Check it out one last time

After you have finished charging the gas, you need to operate the car and test the air-conditioner to check the capability of the air-conditioner. If you lack the gas, the cold air will not be as strong as expected, or one of the parts in the system has malfunctioned. If the air conditioner is working properly, you have enough gas for your car.

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