Guide car battery correctly

The battery car seems to be quite simple but if it’s unclear some rules will make the battery malfunction, even damage the battery.

The battery is known as a vehicle power supply when the rpm is not yet optimal for generating electricity. In case, if you do not use the car for a while or forget to turn off the electric equipment on the car such as air conditioner, radio, DVD player … do not change the battery periodically, it will cause the battery to run out of electricity, leading to difficulties in start the car.

When drivers fall into such situations, most people will immediately call for help at the car rescue center. However, this will take you a lot of time if you are far from the center. Therefore, knowing a few steps to handle cars out of the bottle and full of equipment such as car battery lines … will help you quickly solve the problem you are having.

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The necessary preparation

The battery car cable is the most necessary device for you to hook up. You can find it at supermarkets for about 250,000 VND. The length of wire you should buy is at least 2.5m to easily connect 2 cars together. The battery wire consists of 2 separate wires, which the red wire connects the positive (+) and the black wire connects the negative (-).

Battery cord is essentialBattery cord is essential

Next, you need to determine the exact position of the battery to facilitate wiring. Currently, most cars usually put the battery at the top of the car under the hood. However, there are a few models of cars with batteries on the market, so drivers need to determine how to get the best battery answers.

Guide car battery sentence

Cleaning the battery terminals: A very important step that many people often forget, because this will help to get into the battery quickly and do not short the battery. You need to use a dry towel to clean the engine compartment and clean the 2 battery terminals. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether there is a petrol leak to avoid dangerous fires and to check whether all electrical systems such as air conditioning equipment and DVD players are turned off in the car.

Fishing lines must be convenientFishing lines must be convenient

Connect the battery: After you have prepared, you will clamp the red line connecting the positive battery to the other end of the battery is still live and similarly with the negative lead. A rule of thumb when you need to pay attention to batteries is that you do not let the clamps touch or touch the car body to create sparks causing fire.

Need to plug in the right pole to avoid short circuitNeed to plug in the right pole to avoid short circuit

Start the car: After you have finished the battery line fishing process, you need to start the car. First, you will start the car with electricity first and run the machine for 3-5 minutes to charge the battery to run out of electricity. After that, you need to start the engine side of the vehicle is out of power. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry and wait a few minutes and then reboot until it is okay.

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Avoid touching the endsAvoid touching the ends

Disconnecting the battery cable: After the kettle has started, you need to remove the battery line. When removing the cord, a battery rule to avoid battery death you need to know is careful in the operation, take care not to touch the ends of the wire. Continue to let the engine explode for 15 minutes to make sure the battery is not affected. And at the same time, you should not allow any electrical equipment to run while it is charging, as this will not guarantee sufficient power for starting the engine.


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To avoid the end of the battery in the middle of the road, when turning off the driver, the driver should pay attention to turn off all electrical equipment on the vehicle. Also if detected signs of weak car battery, car owners should check to fix or timely plan.

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