Guidance for quick handling when the interior is flooded with cars

Guidance for quick handling when the interior is flooded with cars

Cars that are soaked in water by rainwater on cars can cause it to become moldy or smell foul. So car owners need to know how to handle when cars are flooded.

Step 1: Clear water in the car

Absorb water from the car: In order not to cause moldy interior interiors of cars, the first thing is not to leave water on the vehicle. Car owners need to use a vacuum to suck all the water in the car and can use the dryer to dry completely. If the vehicle owner does not have a vacuum available, take the car to a car service center.

Remove floor mats and exposure to the sun: It is difficult to draw all the water from the floor mats, so wet car floor mats are difficult to handle. Get water from the carpet, then dry in the sun.

Use towels to soak up the car: In case of failure to use a vacuum, the car owner can use thick towels to absorb water. Place thick towels directly on the seat, the water will be significantly sucked. Don’t forget to check the towel after a few hours to change it.

Flooded cars can cause water to seep into the interior of the vehicleFlooded cars can cause water to seep into the interior of the vehicle

Open the door overnight and turn on the fan: To speed up the process of absorbing water from the car, open the door for about 8 to 12 hours. If you have a fan, turn the fan straight into the car and let the fan operate at maximum speed.

Try baking soda to dehumidify: After removing water from the car, the owner still needs to prevent mold by using baking soda. Applying baking soda directly to the seats and floor will reduce the risk of mold growth. Keep baking soda in the car for 24 hours before you clean it. Owners can rest assured that baking soda is not harmful to all materials.

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Step 2: Remove mold from the car

Park your car in a sunny place: Mold will be destroyed when exposed to sunlight. Sunlight has the ability to dry out moisture causing mold inside the car. Therefore, car owners should expose their cars to the sun after cars have been in water.

Do not forget to wear gloves and masks when cleaning the car: The interior cleaning of the car after being exposed to water causes the car owner to be in direct contact with moldy bacteria, so wearing a mask and gloves is extremely necessary. Besides, car owners also need to wash their hands thoroughly and change clothes after cleaning the car.

Remove the floor and check where it is damp: Typically, mold will appear in the closed storage area or on the floor of cars. Therefore, the owner needs to check the entire area of ​​the secondary tire compartment, under the carpet and inside the trunk.

Vehicle owners need to remove the floor and check the location of moistureVehicle owners need to remove the floor and check the location of moisture

Cleaning mold with nylon fiber brush: When detecting the existence of mold, car owner should overcome by using nylon brush. Brush directly and evenly onto the leather seats until the mark disappears completely. After the brush is left, the car owner just needs to suck or wipe away the mushroom dust. Also can use extra detergent to clean car mats. Using a soft brush will limit the chances of a scratched leather seat better.

Spray on white vinegar: White vinegar is a useful solution to kill mold, this is a trick to clean the interior of your car at home. Put vinegar in a mist sprayer and spray directly on the leather seats. Leave vinegar on a chair for 10 minutes and wipe off with a clean towel. If vinegar is not available, special leather upholstery cleaning solutions can be used.

Dehumidify the whole car: After using mushrooms and nylon brushes, the owner of the car, please smoke the whole car again with a vacuum. Pay attention to carefully suck where the mold appears.

Damp the whole carDamp the whole car

Sprinkle anti-mold solution: Mold-proof powder is sold at most auto accessories stores, car owners can come here and buy this powder. Spray anti-mold powder on the interior of the car to kill the fungus thoroughly.

Step 3: Prevent mold from returning

Look for leaks in your car: There may be a leak in the car, causing water to overflow, so the car owner needs to find and plug the hole.

Remove wet objects from the vehicle: Wet furniture left in the vehicle is also the reason for the car to be wet and musty. Remove all water soaked items from the vehicle.

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Prevent mold from coming back in many waysPrevent mold from coming back in many ways

Remove damp places as soon as possible: Do not leave your car in moldy condition for too long, dry and clean the car as soon as possible.

Clean the car every 2 weeks: According to the experience of car cleaning, regular cleaning is also essential for the car to be clean. Clean up trash in the car and wipe away dust. Mold moisture will be more difficult to reproduce in a clean environment.

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