Guardiola remains humble about Man CIty's championship chances.  Photo: Reuters

Guardiola: ‘Man City players should not look at the schedule’

Coach Pep Guardiola thinks that Man City players will be very depressed if they see the next schedule, even though they have just won 17 consecutive matches.

“I am glad to have won the first 10 games in 2021, but right ahead is Arsenal,” Guardiola said after winning homeowners Everton 3-1 on the evening of February 17. “We’ll be celebrating tonight, but tomorrow we are training for Arsenal. Our player should not look at the schedule, otherwise it will be very frustrating. We will be back at Everton in a few weeks to compete. in the FA Cup semi-finals. The coming battles will be very difficult. But we only care about the next match, against Arsenal. “

Guardiola remains humble about Man CIty’s championship chances. Image: Reuters

After the match against Arsenal in the Premier League on Sunday February 21, Man City was a guest at Monchengladbach’s field in the first leg of the 1/8 Champions League round next Wednesday night. After that, they played two consecutive matches at Etihad against two top 5 clubs West Ham and Man Utd.

In the first 10 wins in 2021 in the Premier League, Man City overcame many fierce opponents such as Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton. They make a 10-point difference with second place Man Utd. Only two teams have led with such a gap without winning the championship, namely Newcastle in 1995-1996 and Man Utd 1997-1998.

Every victory with Man City is now a record. They have just lifted the record of a top tier club in England with a streak of 17 wins in all competitions. The closest team to get points from Man City is West Brom on December 16, 2020. Man City’s latest defeat took place at Tottenham on 11/22/2020.

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