Guanying Ying: Personal data is in the hands of Treasury Holdings, people don’t need to worry about applying for electronic cash leakage information-Lianhe Daily

(Kuching, 17th newspaper) Federal Minister of Finance Lin Guanying said that the public need not worry about privacy violations and leakage of information when registering for RM30, because the agency responsible for the data is the government-owned Treasury Holdings Limited, which It is the government that controls the data of the people.
He said that the government already holds the personal information of the people in the identity cards held by each people. In other words, the people do not have to worry about getting more information when they apply for the above RM30 e-wallet payment. He said the three companies involved in distributing RM30 to qualified people would not collect personal data from the people. At the same time, the government has not participated in any business plan to earn benefits in launching the above-mentioned people’s electronic cash measures, and has no intention of doing so.
“I hope that people will not be affected by questioning statements made by some irresponsible people.”
He pointed out that the government distributed RM30 to eligible people through the People’s Electronic Cash Plan to encourage people to use cashless payments and enjoy the convenience brought by cashless exchanges, while also promoting the trend of China’s digital economy.
Lin Guanying said today when he visited the Xinxin Shopping Plaza in Kuching to promote the above-mentioned people’s e-cash plan.

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