Guan Xiaotong's fans responded too hard, and they pierced the sore spot. From Lu Han to Yi Yan Qianxi were all CUE

Guan Xiaotong’s fans responded too hard, and they pierced the sore spot. From Lu Han to Yi Yan Qianxi were all CUE

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At the end of the year, the star studios also began to summarize the year, but the year-end summary of Guan Xiaotong’s studio was a hot search. It was not a big deal at the beginning, that is, Guan Xiaotong’s fans put forward various opinions under the summary blog. But the studio only responded to one comment, that is, the issue of the itinerary. Fans are a little dissatisfied, reminding that this is just a humble opinion among many opinions, can you answer some important questions?

But what I didn’t expect was that not only the studio, but also Guan Xiaotong personally responded to the question of no itinerary, but also the fans who commented on it. Judging from the content of her speech, it seems that her good mood that day was destroyed by the fans who wanted itinerary, and she didn’t like to be known what she was doing every day. The tone of the writing is a bit unceremonious. Many fans were a bit angry after Guan Xiaotong’s attack, and some fans even got rid of their fans.

These fans thought they didn’t think the itinerary was the biggest problem. The studio took this to respond to the fans’ dissatisfaction, but it was only dissatisfaction. But the nature of Guan Xiaotong’s direct response is different. It’s impossible for the star to respond in person, but she must respond to the fans in person. Is that because she has long been dissatisfied with the fans, so she can make use of it? This is a direct denial to the fans, which hurts the fans.

Extremist fans took off their fans on the spot, and posted a lot of questions about Guan Xiaotong. Seeing the content of these fans’ reply, I must sigh harder than black fans. Some fans asked Guan Xiaotong why he didn’t attack the rumors, but focused on the fans. They were trying to find courage with the fans. She also said that she has no works now and is not a big beauty, but she is unwilling to admit her shortcomings. These words even hesitate to sigh.

In their enthusiasm, fans also CUE to stars such as Lu Han and Yi Yan Qianxi. As everyone knows, Lu Han is Guan Xiaotong’s boyfriend. Fan Guan Xiaotong now mentions that she can only think of her boyfriend. The connotation Guan Xiaotong is not qualified to go on the red carpet with stars like Yi Yang and Qianxi. This is again to say that Guan Xiaotong now has no good works that people can remember. The only famous ones are scandals, and they are dragged behind by stars of the same age.

In a few passages, from Guan Xiaotong’s appearance to the works, her boyfriend Lu Han was also connoted, and even to belittle Guan Xiaotong to promote other stars. Seeing Guan Xiaotong’s fans returning to the big show, let people see that the fans stepped back, maybe more ruthless than the black fans, after all, fans are the people who know the stars best, and what they say can hit the pain. I don’t know if Guan Xiaotong sees these words, will he regret his fans?

Perhaps Guan Xiaotong will not regret it either. From the article she posted, it can be seen that she is not a person who will change because of other people’s opinions. In fact, it can be seen from the public love affair between her and Lu Han that they are just people who just want to be. This behavior has also won the approval of some netizens. They feel that fans should not be too lenient. Moreover, Guan Xiaotong is an actor and not an idol. Fans must figure out their position.

In fact, Guan Xiaotong and the fans may have done nothing wrong in this matter, or both. Guan Xiaotong wants her own privacy, and it is okay not to accept other people’s fingertips, but the itinerary is not so offensive to her privacy, and the itinerary of many studios is not all detailed. It’s okay for fans to make comments, but they have to be conscious of not being accepted. Dear friends, what do you think about this matter?


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