Guan Xiaotong powdered the whole body, but ignored the "Borengaier". Is this skin color difference real?

Guan Xiaotong powdered the whole body, but ignored the “Borengaier”. Is this skin color difference real?

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Guan Xiaotong wears a short skirt to apply powder to the whole body, but ignores “Boling Gail”. Is this difference in skin color real?

I believe everyone is very familiar with Guan Xiaotong. She is currently one of the most popular four-hour actor in the entertainment industry. In addition, Guan Xiaotong is an actor who debuted as a child star. Although she is only in her early 20s, she has been in the industry for more than ten years and can be said to be a senior. Level character. The audience is also very familiar with Guan Xiaotong. Everyone grew up watching her play at the same time.

When she was a child, Guan Xiaotong was a girl with a very lively personality. There is a kind of enthusiasm and openness of a Beijing girl in her bones. When she comes into contact with her, everyone feels very comfortable. And Guan Xiaotong has been a girl who loves stinky beauty when she was young, and this has become more and more obvious after she grows up. Guan Xiaotong, who is usually seen in the camera, is dressed very delicately. Anyone who pays attention to Guan Xiaotong knows that she really likes to wear short skirts.

Especially when Guan Xiaotong participated in the “Ace vs. Ace” show, she would wear a miniskirt to show off her long legs in almost every episode of the show. Even in the latest episode of the show, Guan Xiaotong also changed a few at once. The shape of the suit. However, Guan Xiaotong’s modeling style is very fresh and lively.

Guan Xiaotong wears a very iconic long curly hair. She wears a white shirt with a black a-line skirt on her upper body, or a black V-neck cropped shirt on her upper body. The lower body is also matched with a red and black plaid pleated skirt. It is very beautiful. In addition, in these sets of Guan Xiaotong’s styles, netizens also noticed a detail that Guan Xiaotong used powder wherever his whole body could leak in order to make his skin look fair.

And such an operation may be an exaggeration in the eyes of ordinary people, but it is actually a routine operation for celebrities. And it is very obvious that everyone sees that Guan Xiaotong is very white in the camera, but her knees seem to be ignored by her. Because everyone noticed that the skin of Guan Xiaotong’s two legs was very white, but when she saw her Belinggaier, it was very black.

And because Guan Xiaotong’s skin itself is a bit dull, and she has been powdered all over her body, the contrast is very obvious. Her two corrugated covers look like they are not rubbed in the lens. It looks dirty. After noticing Guan Xiaotong’s mistake, netizens also teased and was too careless. But this also made everyone notice Guan Xiaotong’s true skin tone. I wonder if Guan Xiaotong’s real skin is like this when I see it, will you continue to like her?


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