Gu'an Guochao Music Festival time, location and lineup

Gu’an Guochao Music Festival time, location and lineup

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The summer vacation is just around the corner, which also means that major music festivals are coming soon. From August 14th to 15th, the 2021 Gu’an Guochao Music Festival is a party that fans must have. 20 groups of musicians and singers are in Interpretation of the trendiest summer on the two-day stage!

Gu’an Guochao Music Festival Time: 2021-08-14/15

Gu’an Guochao Music Festival Location: Laikang County, Xinyi Gu’an, Langfang City, Hebei Province

Ticket price of Gu’an Guochao Music Festival: 288,488,688

Online booking: Huanghe Ticketing APP

Timetable and lineup introduction

August 14

Fake jokes, coms, Lu Junjie, Mayuan Poet, Pu Shu, Shan Yichun, Wang Ruiqi & Seven Orchestra, Xie Tianxiao, Ji Axe Band

August 15

Cui Jian, Black House Band, LATTE & All Things House Band, Liu Shuang, STOLEN Secret Operation, TARZAN Taishan Band, Frog Pond, Wang Wei Ma Band, Zheng Jun

A new form of artist lineup and fashionable stage design allow a beautiful fusion of rock, pop and folk! Two consecutive days of carnival nights, 20 groups of pop musicians bring a hot spot!

This music festival also specially designed four themed sections, namely: domestic products, trendy play, trendy creation, and good food, so that everyone can enjoy the music while adding more personal experiences!

“Guochao Xingdong Music Festival” is a brand new music festival brand created by Guochao Culture. It conveys fashion attitude and interprets national style and national style aesthetics. Gather fashion and trend musicians, and integrate the lineup of collision sounds. Go to the cool music scene and touch the pulse of youth!

In addition to the announced performance lineup at the 2021 Gu’an Guochao Music Festival, two mysterious guests will also appear on the scene!


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