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GTA V Online – Discover the new special summer pack in Los Santos

The new GTA V Online add-on content titled Los Santos Summer Special Pack is available today. On the program: new cooperative missions, races and all kinds of vehicles. Enough to show off during the summer. Players owning a luxury Galaxy yacht can launch these all-new missions, choosing to play solo or accompanied by three other teammates.

Holiday photo in Los Santos.

Do you prefer trade wars? Don’t worry, new trade wars will emerge in unexpected places that will lead to great rewards.
We can also mention the arrival of rivalry mode in the premises of the Diamond Casino & Hotel, after one year of opening. Among the new rivalry modes, there will be the armored rivalry mode. This consists of having two teams competing against each other, and each has a battleship. The objective of each team is to eliminate the battleship of the opposing team. The money and the XP of the game are also doubled in this rivalry mode until January 1, 2021. This will certainly bring back a lot of players.

As for vehicles, more than a dozen new models will be available in the in-game shop, including customizable cars at Benny’s workshop, mod sports, two ultralights, and all-terrain vehicles. You can test their speed and handling thanks to the new ultralight race series, but also thanks to the new ultralight race editor on your own city circuits.

Another novelty of this Special Summer in Los Santos Pack, the Rockstar Games teams have made a number of improvements and fixes in the game. Finally, last information to know, weekly bonuses and special events will spice up your GTA V Online games over the coming months.

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