A French police officer monitored migrants near the port of Calais in 2017. Photo: AFP.

Group of migrants rescued from refrigerated vehicles

FranceEight Afghans, including two children, were found hypothermia in the trunk of a refrigerated truck in the Port of Calais on October 27.

British border guards discovered suspicious signs on the refrigerated truck as it prepared to board a ferry at the port of Calais, in northern France, to enter Britain. They later informed the French authorities to arrest two Romanian drivers of the truck.

"The Afghans in the back of the trunk have a slight hypothermia. The situation will be much worse if they continue to be there, but these people have been taken to the hospital in Calais for emergency treatment," the source said. Anonymous understanding the investigation said. The source added that the drivers were suspected of smuggling people to the UK.

A French police officer monitored migrants near the port of Calais in 2017. Photo: AFP.

Prosecutors at Boulogne-sur-Mer, near Calais, confirmed the arrest, adding that the temperature inside the truck was about 7 degrees Celsius and police were investigating the vehicle's route. The identity of the driver and the people on the vehicle has not been announced.

The incident was discovered in the context of the British authorities investigating the deaths of 39 people in the trunk of refrigerated containers brought from Belgium to the country on the morning of October 23. Police have arrested four suspects on charges of human trafficking and manslaughter, while attempting to identify the victims.

Traffickers often use the route from the port of Calais to the port of Dover in the UK, especially to Afghan migrants, who often have family and friends in the UK.

The number of migrants trying to cross the border from France to Britain has increased in recent months, despite the new British government action plan to enhance security for the northern coast of France. Many people believe that Brexit is the reason for the increase in illegal immigration, because the border is likely to tighten after the UK leaves the EU.

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