Group of Korean students filmed a clip of you drowning: Thought
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Group of Korean students filmed a clip of you drowning: Thought

(News 24h) – A high school student in Busan, Korea died from drowning, but the story leading to the tragic incident has spread online.

According to Korean newspaper Koreaboo, on August 4, Kim Jeong Seok (14 years old) and about 10 classmates went to the beach area on Oryukdo Island, Busan province to bathe.

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A group of middle school students in Busan province stood on the shore filming, capturing the scene where their friend drowned because he thought he was joking. Photo: Koreaboo

Jeong Seok was the first to jump into the water. Due to the strong current, the 14-year-old male student was swept away. He panicked to call for help, but the rest thought it was a joke so they took a video and took pictures. Until Jeong Seok was swept further away by the water, a new student called for the rescue force.

Police and rescue team quickly showed up to rescue the victim. Unfortunately, when brought ashore, Jeong Seok passed out and passed away not long after.

After the incident, the online community simultaneously condemned the indifference and emotionlessness of the student group. Most of them expressed pity for the death of the 14-year-old male student when he could be saved if his friends did not calmly film and take photos.



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