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Group gather for cheater to play together

However, even though game publishers have done enough measures, these fraudulent gamers still proliferate. So is there any new way for EA to solve the problem on Apex Legends?

Simply put, they gathered these cheaters to let them play together.

Respawn, developer of Apex Legends, has published an article on social networking site Reddit last weekend, detailing the measures they will use to prevent fraud. Among them there are many common ways everyone knows: creating AI to detect fraudulent programs; identify spam accounts; requires two-factor authentication for suspicious accounts. But the most remarkable solution is: "Create matches to collect cheater and spammer names together".

That means that all users of aimbot (targeting software) and other fraud tricks to dominate will have to fight each other instead of fighting real-gamers. And it's not just the cheaters that are actually grouped. Respawn points out that this solution will apply to those who are "pulled" by these cheater names. "Even if you don't use cheating software, your teaming up with cheater is also considered fraud "- This developer said.

Aimbot in Apex Legends

Obviously this is an extremely smart solution. The spirit of the royale battle genre is trying hard to survive, so why don't we watch the cheater and spammer fight for survival?

Perhaps you will immediately ask a question: "Why not stop them from finishing? ". In fact, forbidden cheater can easily create a new account and "old familiar horse" – and not every cheater has the same way to cheat to rank easily. If you don't ban them, and don't tell them they're fighting each other, then these cheater will definitely gloat each other all day and let the decent players be peaceful.

Respawn also improved the reporting system after receiving feedback from the Redditor. For example, the company is weighing the most features that allow players to "rip off" cheating teammates, and another feature that lets you track who killed you and look for the cheater. The company also encourages players to help report cheater by video recording as proof whenever possible.

The solution is not necessarily the most perfect solution: what if you were mistaken for cheating and being thrown into a match with real cheater? But if all other anti-fraud measures fail, and you don't want to ban them, separating them from other players is really a commendable solution. After all, when you leave the cheaters fighting, that's a pretty strict punishment!

Reference: TheNextWeb

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