Griezmann officially canceled the contract by the ‘giant’

Barcelona striker Antoine Griezmann has just been terminated by the Japanese giants after a racial discrimination scandal.

Last month, striker Antoine Griezmann was announced as a global ambassador for the game Yu-Gi-Oh! of the hit game company Konami. However, recently, the Barcelona star was removed from his role after just a month, when he and teammate Dembele were accused of racism against Asians.

Video footage shows Dembele taunting Japanese employees, saying they have “ugly faces”, then asking in French “do you have advanced technology in your country.” In response, Griezmann laughed and that was considered an act of complicity with his teammates.

Konami canceled the contract with Griezmann. Photo: Internet

The Griezmann and Dembele scandal has sparked a huge controversy in Barcelona, ​​not only because of accusations of racism but also because Barcelona’s biggest sponsor is Rakuten, the retail and auction giant Japan.

Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani has asked Barcelona to apologize for the actions of the French star duo. After that, Griezmann and Dembele were said to have admitted their mistake and publicly apologized for their actions.

However despite Griezmann’s apology, Konami took action by removing him from the role of ambassador for the game. Yu-Gi-Oh!. Share with ESPN, A representative of this game company said:

“Konami believes that acts of racism are unforgivable, not in the philosophy of sport. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Content team decided to cancel the ambassadorial contract with Griezmann. In terms of football, we will ask its partner, FC Barcelona, ​​to explain in detail the problem and future measures.”

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