Grid Studio Framed iPhone 4S & Blackberry Bold 9000

Grid Studio Framed iPhone 4S & Blackberry Bold 9000

Recently I was sent out something I think is quite unique, old classic phones presented in a teardown state but framed. Obsolete old phones like the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S and Blackberry Bold 9000 can be bought from Grid Studio and later even portable gaming consoles like the Playstation Portable in its tear-down form. These are really collector items now, old phones useless really in 2021 that are broken or maybe were barred or simply just not used. That’s where Grid Studio comes in to clean them up, break them down and present most internals with labels of what is what. For someone like myself really into tech, I like this concept.

Grid’s iPhone 4S tear down

Below is a short video unboxing of the iPhone 4S and Blackberry 9000 from Grid Studio. Note, the phones if they have any batteries presented in the frame are fake ones as to not risk having them swell up or leak inside the frame. I was surprised to see the phones used in the frame are in very good condition. Not dented or broken, dented frames or cracked screens but overall grade A used phones they have gone with.

Chris G

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