Great Wall’s domestic notebooks are listed, equipped with Feiteng processors, priced at 8,999 yuan

Great Wall Computer has put on a 14-inch notebook, the model is UF717, which uses the domestic Feiteng processor, Kirin operating system, and uses a domestic graphics card with 1GB of independent video memory. The new product is priced at 8,999 yuan.

On December 21st, Great Wall Computer launched a 14-inch notebook, model UF717. In particular, the domestically produced Feiteng processor, the Kirin operating system, and the domestically produced graphics card with 1GB of independent video memory are used. The new product is priced at 8,999 yuan.

The Great Wall UF717 uses aviation aluminum alloy to build the fuselage, and uses ceramic sandblasting. The fuselage has a thickness of 20mm and a weight of 1.6kg. The screen part uses the current popular narrow-frame full-screen design. The visual impression is good, but the color gamut is unknown.

The processor model used in this machine is Feiteng FT-2000/4, a quad-core design, the highest frequency is 2.2GHz, the three-level cache is 4MB, and the power consumption is 10W. The 1GB discrete graphics card comes from Lingjiu Electronics, and the internal model is GP102. In terms of other configurations, the machine is equipped with 8GB DDR4 memory, 256GB SSD, and the operating system is domestic Kylin Kylin, especially with the PKS security system, which can solve the problems of imperfect computer structure, delayed product application vulnerability patches, and system backdoors. And comes with a software store, supporting more than 2000 software.

The Great Wall UF717 notebook is currently on sale in Jingdong Mall at a price of 8,999 yuan. Compared with the Intel or AMD platform notebooks with the same configuration, this price is still quite expensive. As for the specific performance of the product, it needs further real machine verification.

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